Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Plugging along with the usual

I've been watching my mom's checking account and watching to see/make sure her January rent payment got made/cleared. Every day, no check cleared yet. I was going to ask her about it today, but this morning I see it cleared. But, it's not dated until 1/11.....which tells me she must have forgot and they had to remind her. They do have auto pay now, but if she's only going to be there a few more months I'm not going to the trouble. I'll just make sure to remind her at the end of January.

I also got one of her prescriptions refilled, that was showing "no refills" left. Rather than even tell her it's showing "no refills" I just decided to try for "refill" with her online account and assumed it would work like most do - with no refills left they would contact her dr and see if refill would get approved and it did. She was just in his office in August, with a med review, but that one had originally been refilled the January prior.

Well, now that it's January, the tax return should be able to be filed for DH's dad's estate and get that finished. Supposedly, that's the only thing they are waiting on, but I'm sure there will be some other reason it keeps getting delayed. DH's sister (the executor) is busy being grandma and flying back and forth out of state to see her new grandbaby and another daughter has #2 due soon. Funny, how she complained and threw a fit that she kept having to take off so much time from work, that she supposedly didn't have, to take care of her parents, but literally every month she is either off on a vacation somewhere or flying to see her daughter. LOL.

A few more inches of snow last night. Enough that it got DH out shoveling and plowing with the quad again this morning. Yay, LOL. It does him good to get out and do something, rather than just sit on his computer all day. He ran into town yesterday and filled up the gas jugs, so he has more gas for the quad, to plow when needed.

I had a decent MTurks day yesterday at just over $12. So far, I've made about $110 this month. I'm already at $11 for today and still have all afternoon to try and get more. It's really nice to be back on track with those extra earnings.


  1. Glad to hear that the rent check cleared. Yes, a gentle reminder at the end of each month to write the rent check should help. Hope your day goes smoothly.

  2. I am glad the check was received and posted. Hopefully, things will be easier for your mother from now on.

  3. I was getting a little worried she didn't pay it, but figured the office would let her know if she didn't. LOL. I'm guessing she's probably not the only one with forgetfulness living there.