Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Friday's post....

Getting caught up on posts!

Yesterday the gutter guy showed up. I forgot he had already given DH a bid, so I thought he was coming out just to look/bid, but he got it all done. He's a local guy from town (because when DH asked our builder about when the gutters were going to get put on, he said his gutter guy is 5 months out!). This gutter guy recently moved to this town and hasn't gotten a very good welcome. Geez. He lives right in town. I guess he was making some noise in his garage and a neighbor came over and told him to stop the noise or he was going to kill him.....then 2 days later the sheriff shows up and tells him he better knock off the noise....interesting how when we had a problem with our neighbor making noise at 1 and 2 am the sheriff didn't want to tell him to knock it off. And gutter guy said he had another neighbor tell him something to the effect of he might as well move back to where he came from. Nice and welcoming town people, eh? I told DH I guess we lucked out with our good and welcoming neighbors we had across the street from us. I'd say a huge percentage of the people that live right in town are all elderly/retired. Not much for change, I assume. This is just a single guy, around 40 years old. Seems like he would pretty much stick to himself. He came back Thursday evening to pick up the check (he works for another guy) and stayed and chatted awhile. Like he said, for the most part he's gone from 6am to 6pm and then spends the evening at home before bedtime.

I only have to work a half day today and of course also have Monday off. I'm hoping I'll finally start to feel caught up on rest. We've been getting good, long sleeps, since not getting up at 5 or 6 am anymore, but I'm still feeling so tired, especially by the end of the day. Evenings have been relaxing, too. I just read or watch Netflix on my ipad mini.

We figured out our bed frame does adjust out to king size, so we swapped the queen set out for our king set. Heaven! 16 more inches. Makes a world of difference sleeping with DH and a big dog. But, I had packed away our king sheets, thinking I wasn't going to be needing/using them. Plus, when I was un-making our king bed before moving, I saw a tear in the sheet, so we'd need a new set anyway.

We went to the city, after I got off work at 12:30 and stopped at Target to get a set of sheets and mattress cover. Luckily there was a 15% off coupon. After I got home and washed the new stuff, I realized I had not packed away our old king size mattress cover. Gah! Oh well, honestly I never really liked that cover at all. It was more of a mattress pad and I always felt it changed the comfort of my mattress. Just wish I had remembered I had not packed it away, I still would have used it. I just bought a basic cover, no padding in it. I saved $11.40 with the coupon, plus $5.50 using my Target red card, the savings which covered our gas and early dinner of McD's (a whole $9, haha), at least. And at least we saved $50 or so by not having to buy a new bed frame. That about paid for the sheets and mattress cover.


  1. I was laughing at buying the mattress pad when you had one right there. We went to the lake this weekend and had a lot of weekend guests. The downstairs is one large room with a bed and bath in it so it functions as our guest room. I was cleaning it prior to the guests arriving when I realized there were no towels in the bathroom. I figured I had brought them home to wash when our last guests were there and had to make a mad dash to buy and launder 3 towel sets before company came. Turns out someone had put them in the storage closet along with the leftover paint. Oh well, I have tons of lake guest towels now.

    1. LOL. After washing, I looked up, on top of a small dresser stacked on another one and saw it sitting up there. Too many things to remember going on!