Thursday, September 6, 2018

A headache day

Changing address on everything is time consuming! I made a list of everything I could think of to change. I'm sure I forgot something.  I got over to the post office this morning to turn in my change of address card and also the card to start up new service to our new mailbox. This town is so small...they know everything, LOL.

Then I gave myself a headache during my lunch break trying to figure out why DH has so much trouble transferring his iphone videos to his pc (well, it's actually to his external hard drive, plugged into his pc). Some work fine, others transfer over and are corrupted. It may just be how he's doing it, but why does it work fine and then not? He plugs his phone in via USB, opens the folder of videos and photos in his phone and then likes to do a cut and paste - so they get deleted off his phone (making room for new photos and videos) and saved to pc. Well, if it's corrupted, then he's lost it, because there isn't the original saved on his phone any longer. Plus, it seems more common when he's done a time lapse video.

His iCloud storage gives of 5mb is full, so no backups are being done. But when I log into his iCloud account there is one lone picture. So, what is taking up 5mb?? I never really could figure out what 4.73mb of "backups" is, plus his phone says he has never backed up! (he got this phone about year and a half ago). I turned off backing up everything to iCloud except photos. Then I deleted whatever was supposedly backed up and now supposedly all his photos and videos are now backing up to the cloud (which is less than 5 mb). We'll see.  Supposedly, he can then save his pics and videos to his pc from logging into his iCloud account via his pc.

I've also seen where it's recommend to "import" the photos to pc, which I assume is probably a better way then how he's been cutting and pasting into his pc folder he likes to save them in.

Then yesterday I took a couple of short videos with my older iphone (5s). He wanted to save the videos to his pc. Plug my phone in and there is nothing showing in the photos folder on my phone, though I have lots of them you can see on my phone. I did some research to that and found out they are all saved to my iCloud account, so then a "real" photo file isn't saved to my iphone anymore. So confusing!! So, I guess to save to his hard drive, I will have to log into my iCloud from his pc and donwload the video.  My head is spinning. We just want to take a picture or video and be able to put in on our computer.


  1. I hate those problems. I tried to send a photo to my blog and was told there was not enough on my phone to send anything. I gave up. Hope you figure it out.

    1. I think I figured it out. He was able to transfer all the videos he took today to his pc without them corrupting

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