Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Droning on about the drone

Saturday morning I spent a good two hours trying to figure out DH's drone.  He got it returned, all fixed up, but could not get it to connect to fly. The drone, to the remote controller, to the app. He was getting frustrated Friday night, as he doesn't have enough tech-y skills to figure it out, at all. Any suggestions I ever make (whether it about the drone or anything tech related, he's always telling me I'm wrong - yet he has no clue) are wrong.

So, I told him to go outside and find something to do for a couple of hours Saturday morning. I was going to do some online research as to the error messages he was getting. Had to read some forums, watch some videos on you tube. Try a couple of things. Search some more. I finally got the firmware to do it's update. And read you have to do it with both batteries. I finally got it down to it's the RC's "network" the drone and app are trying to connect to....but I didn't have the network password. It was like the QR code and password had worn off the back of the controller. Finally, I read on a forum question/answer to reset the rc back to factory default and then it's a password of 12341234. I tried that and it worked!  DH took it out to try and it worked great. He also was not getting the flashing screen on his phone app, like he was before (where then he could not see what the drone was seeing while flying).

Then that afternoon we took the drone town to the edge of the river with us. It was back to flashing screens! Arghh! I wonder if flying low over the moving water affects the signal somehow? When he took it back up to where he usually flies it it worked fine again.  At least I know now how to do the updates. When he was trying to say yes to updates, they were just failing. That's because he needs to plug the usb cord directly into the drone and not the controller.

He agreed that he just needs to let me figure it all out and not try to interfere, since he really knows nothing about how it all works.

He's also having a lot of problems getting videos (especially time lapse ones he takes) to transfer over from his phone or ipad mini to his pc. They keep getting corrupted after he saves to his pc. He wants to do a "cut" and save to his pc, so they aren't taking up room on his phone. So, after he tries to open it on his pc and it's corrupted, it isn't on his phone anymore and it's gone for good, as far as I know.  I haven't figured that out yet, either. Mostly, because when he's trying to view and transfer them, he's getting frustrated and doesn't want to let me sit down and work on it for awhile. Most of the photos he takes transfer over fine, it's just a lot of the videos give him grief. He now has no video of them putting in the floor joists and floor sheeting from last week. He's got his icloud storage full, due to all the pics and video. I'm thinking we really need to (at least while he's doing all this photo and video taking) pay for extra storage. I think it's like $12 a year. I read that then he'd at least have a back up file of the video's that got corrupted on his pc. He thinks I'm wrong about that too, so I haven't pushed it.  I should just take his phone, set up the extra icloud storage and he probably wouldn't even know I did it.

I just wish I was more knowledgeable about all this! I can usually get it figured out.........eventually....it's the eventually that takes up so much time.

While I was doing that, DH was out setting our post for our new mailbox out next to our two other neighbors. We had to order the mailbox (because we wanted same one as the other two) and it's supposed to be delivered UPS tomorrow. I had to help  him a bit with that - keeping post straight and level while he was pouring the concrete, which was right in the middle of me trying to figure out the drone.  Then I walked over to neighbors. She had called and wanted to know if I wanted some extra iris bulbs she had just pulled up. She said they don't need to be planted until next spring, so I'll save them and give it a try.


  1. Lord have mercy!!! I could have written this post!!!!!!!!!! My husband is the same way-he has his strengths and I have mine(however in the moment his frustration leaks over to my side hahahaha). I would never attempt to set in a post and mailbox so why would he attempt to suddenly become computer literate? I tell my daughter our support group meets Monday through Friday! Hang in there and I'll see you at the next meeting ;-)

    1. Haha! I had no clue how to set a mailbox post, but I wouldn't tell him how to try to do it. LOL. He, on the other hand.....

  2. I used and paid for photo storage. Once I quit paying, all my pictures on my blog disappeared forever. I am so annoyed. Why don't you get a hard drive just for storage? Or, put these things on flash drives? Besides, when I paid for the picture storage, the pictures became the property of the company.

  3. He actually is saving it to an external hard drive attached to his pc, but quite often the videos turn courrupt whether transferring to hard drive or directly to pc. Supposedly, having the videos go to the cloud also saves it there once it's gone from his phone or iPad