Sunday, February 11, 2018

Productive weekend

We had a nice day yesterday and got out of the house. It was only about 35 degrees, but sunny and no wind. When I got up in the morning I made some blueberry muffins for breakfast. DH was waiting to see what friend texted him about coming to cut the downed trees for firewood. Of course he ended up backing out (said his elbow hurts). Would have been a perfect day to get that done, weather wise. DH wanted to go to the town lumber store and pick up a few metal fence posts to use as marking stakes on the property. Then we went to the grocery store and picked up enough to get us by for the next week. Stopped at the post office to get our mail and then a quick stop at the gas station convenience store for some lottery tickets (DH's "vice").

We're starting to feel like we know people in town. The guy that reads our water meter was working the counter at the lumber store, LOL.  DH has talked to him a few times before. People do a lot of dual (or more) jobs around here to make ends meet.

After we got home DH wanted to go out to the property anyway to do some measuring and place those posts. I put some long underwear on and a hat and gloves. Between the sun out and all the walking around the property we were doing I didn't get cold at all.  Property neighbors got home a  little after we got there and we chatted with them a  bit. We both commented on the birds that were constantly circling across the road aways. Neighbor said he bets a bull cow elk might have gone down. Said a few days ago they kept hearing dogs barking in that area and he hiked up over there to check it out. Another neighbor who lives across and down the road aways has 6 big dogs that he lets run sometimes, apparently, to keep wolves away. Well, he said they had this cow elk just kind of cornered and wore out. He chased the dogs out but said the cow was so tired and disoriented. She just kept shaking her head. So, he decided to walk over there again yesterday and see what was going on and came back and said yep, she died. He was really bummed and said he'd be calling the game warden about it. Apparently he called before about the dogs. Not sure if it was for this same issue or a different one.

Did you know that the elk have two ivory teeth in them? He said the birds had started eating the elk up, but he did cut out those two teeth and showed us. Worth about $40 to a jeweler, he said. In North America only elk and walruses have ivory teeth.

Between our measuring and talking with neighbors we were out there a couple of hours. Dogs got lots of exercise and they were pooped. There was still a little snow left on the ground. I took this picture standing at what would be looking out our dining room window....if we ever get this house built :)

On the way back home we got to town and it was about 3:30. I was pretty hungry as I didn't have  much lunch before we left. Plus I was kind of tired after 2 hours of walking around and knew I wasn't going to feel much like making dinner in an hour or so. I suggested pulling into the grocery store and picking up some fried chicken from the deli to have for dinner. As DH was pulling in we recognized a truck waiting to pull out as the super nice guy we got the live edge wood from to build our sofa table and boot bench. DH rolled the window down to say hello. The guy commented he noticed all the rocks out at our property and trees cut. DH explained he was trying to figure out what to do with the trees.......this guy has a portable saw mill thing (hence the wood we got from him) and said "why don't you have me cut it up into boards for you?...and you can build your wife something LOL". They talked about it while I ran into the store for the chicken.  DH was like why didn't I think of that before. I said ya....we can make something out of it and can say that came from trees on our property. So, I think that is the plan now. Maybe to build my chicken coop. Friend waited too long and lost out on getting firewood, I guess.

While we were at the property DH got a call on his cell from his buddy he talks to a couple times a year. Told him he'd call him back that evening. When those two get on their calls they talk for hours and of course last night was no different. I just finished a book while he was talking on the phone - second in a series I found. I've always liked Debbie Macomber books and these are an easy read. I started book 3 this morning.

I've got a triple fudge chocolate cake in the oven baking. Yum. Will be a nice dessert/snack for this week, along with a little vanilla ice cream on the side.

DH is puttering in the garage. He was looking for his loctite. Knew it was in one of the bins and thought he had noted it on a label. Of course we found it on a bottom bin of 3 bins stacked on top of each other. He wanted to fix something he has to keep the screws in tight by putting loctite over the screws. Kind of like super glue.


  1. We had to have a tree cut when we moved here. It was a beautiful maple. Our best friends wanted it for firewood. After months, I got him to come and get it. Well, he took the easy stuff, limbs that he just cut into firewood, no splitting. Finally, a very old man asked what we were doing with it because he noticed it there for a long time. I told him it was promised. He looked crushed. With that look and remembering how our friend did not come for months, I changed my mind and told him it was his. I said it was first come first served now. Poor man worked several days, all alone, and got the wood cut and split and his truck loaded, time and time again. There comes a point when you have to just give up on promises of giving free wood away. Or even having someone pay for it. They dawdle; they lose.

    1. I'm sure that old man appreciated it much more than the other guy.

  2. That will be a really pretty view (f you can just imagine a house in front of it right now). But I think it will come sooner than you think. Anna

  3. I am glad now your husband can make things for you with your own wood. I do not think people appreciate free offerings as they should.

    1. DH even offered to help his buddy saw it up. Figured between 2 of them having chain saw it would go quicker, but DH said he's not doing it all himself, which is what I think friend is hoping was going to happen. He'd get tired of waiting for friend to get out there and just do it all himself and they say here's your free firewood to pick up.