Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Odds and Ends

It's an odds and end kind of day. Not a whole lot going on. A little of this, a little of that.

DH takes Claritan fairly regular. Not daily, but every 2-3 days I'd say. I usually buy at Walmart or Target and a 30 day bottle is like $19. It was time to buy some more. I decided to take a look on Amazon and got it for $9.85!

Last night neither of us was super hungry for dinner, so we ended up having a bowl of cereal later in the evening. Wheaties. We've been doing that lately, maybe once a week or so. Makes for a super cheap dinner meal and I don't have to cook :)

The construction loan lender called and I need to obtain some "builders risk" construction insurance. It has to be paid for up front, out of pocket. She didn't think my current homeowners insurance company (AllState) does that kind of insurance policies, but I have an email into him to check. Otherwise I'll have to go with a different company for that.  Hopefully it doesn't cost too much. Our appraisal is going to cost close to $1000 and I had hoped to pay for that out of pocket too and not have it financed in closing costs with the loan.

We're having a mild winter, which in the grand scheme of things is great for getting started building sooner rather than later.  Sunday was sunny and 49 degrees.

Reading - several books on long wait list. I've been reading a series by James Patterson. Nothing great, but better than nothing.

Watching - we finished the final season on Netflix of Longmire. Now I need to find something else to watch since I have it free for 3 months.  We've also been watching the Waco mini series. It looks like This is Us has started back up, so I will be watching that, for sure.

One week down, in our 4 week wait for the appraisal to get done, LOL. It cracks me up that they act like it's so far out from the city. It's literally a 35 min drive, with absolutely zero traffic to deal with. haha.

I still haven't used my $30 Kohl's cash. But have 2 bath towels and a Christmas decor item that is on clearance in by shopping cart. Stupid shipping charges.

I'm tired and wish I could take a nap.

DD bought 3 meals from Hello Fresh and has tried two of them so far. She sends me photos of her completed meal. Last night was turkey pesto burgers. Looked yummy. She hasn't said if she is going to keep ordering.

She also hasn't heard anything from that state job with the state prison....after she emailed the lady back and told her she wasn't going to use her current supervisor as a reference. She had decided not to take the job, if it got offered anyway, not enough pay and not worth the risk to her personal safety.

DH had a few big trees taken down at our property when he started on the rockery wall. He offered it to his good friend to come and cut up and take the wood for free (and he can even use our little trailer to haul it), since he has a fireplace and has to go out and cut wood once a year. He never has come to do it, always too busy. DH says if he has to go cut it up himself, then he'll just try to sell the wood. Figures there is probably $500 worth of firewood there.  But the chainsawing of that much would totally wear out his arms/muscles. He thinking he might go do it anyway - just take his time with it, even it it takes him several visits out there to get it done.


  1. I tried "Home Chef" using a Swagbucks/new customer deal getting 2 meals free and it was an interesting experiment. We enjoyed both dishes (chicken picatta and barbacoa steak tacos) and we actually enjoyed cooking together. Ingredients were very fresh and were ok to be in the fridge for up to 5 days before we had to cook them. So this may be an alternative for special occasions/date night.

    1. these meal programs seem to be getting popular. They don't eat out much, so this is a good alternative for them too.

  2. Good score on the Claritin. That is a lot for an appraisal! Is the higher cost also because it is construction loan? I'm envious of your warmer weather. I woke up to yet another day of below zero. Brrr.

    1. No, it's only because they think we are way out in the boonies. We had to pay over $900 for the appraisal on this house we bought, too.