Wednesday, February 14, 2018

It's the little things

I'm not super "techy", but I was proud of myself to figure out something last night.  When I bought DH a couple of movies from Walmart online (for Christmas) I also received digital copies that could be watched on Vudu. You can sign into Vudu using your Walmart log in. Recently Verizon started this new rewards program. My first reward I chose a $5 Starbucks gift card.  The latest reward I choose a free movie and it is accessible via Vudu.  I choose the movie "Only the Brave". It looks like a good movie and DH will probably really like it, as the hotshot fire fighters interest him (we have local ones here where we live and our  neighbor's son across the street is one of them). But, I want us to be able to watch it on our tv, not have to sit at a computer to watch it.

I have an Amazon Firestick, which is how I access  Amazon Prime video and Netflix. Vudu is not an app that is available on this. I googled Vudu and Firestick and found a video on how to add this app to your Firestick. DH was busy watching some videos on You Tube he's become addicted to (a couple building a house by themselves) so I figured this was a good time for me to tie up the tv and see if I could figure out how to do this.  It took me a few tries, rewinding the video on my ipad a few times,  then going back to the comments and figuring out I needed to change another setting, that wasn't noted in the video. But, finally I got it on my Firestick apps! It looks like this streaming service also has some free movies available to watch.

Have you seen the commercials for DirectTV that you no longer need a satellite dish to use their service? I was actually wondering that same thing awhile back? with all the internet streaming capabilities now, why is satellite tv service even really necessary anymore. Couldn't they just supply their program plans through the internet? We have Dish and wonder how soon they will be following DirectTV.

My paystub for tomorrow payday was available to view. I was interested because this is the first pay that includes the lower tax rate. It looks like I'll be getting about an extra $100 a month total, which is nice. (plus the raise I just got). Unlike some politicians, I don't consider this $100 a month "crumbs" at all. It's very welcome in this family.

The guy that lives down the road and has the portable saw mill thingy stopped by yesterday. He is the nicest guy. I just love him. He's retired, but you wouldn't know it. He's busy all the time doing this and that. In the winters he works for the state snowplowing the freeway in our county. In the summers he drives a bus for a tourist thing. Or he'll drive the school bus to sports events. He does his lumber stuff too. Anyway  he said he went out to our property to measure and get an idea for DH  how much lumber would be from the trees. Sometime soon he's going to get it sawed up for us. DH had a good idea last night - it would be so cool to use this wood to build our staircase......but just not sure if we can or not. He's researched if the wood has to be totally dried (which would take a year or two) or not. Some say it does, some say it doesn't. But if we can, that's what we'll do.


  1. Being in the same age bracket, I totally get where you are coming from regarding techie stuff. Good for you for figuring it out!

    That is fantastic about those crumbs! Lol I happily accept them, too!

    I like your idea for the wood. Are you planning on a two story home or would this be for basement stairs?

    1. It's a 1 1/2 story house. A loft sitting area overlooking the great room and two bedrooms, a bathroom, and my office in upstairs rooms with dormers in the roof

  2. I think it is fantastic that you can use the lumber from your property to make something for your home!
    I can't wait for the actual construction to begin so we can follow the progress.

    1. we'll definitely use it for something to build. I guess it just depends on how long we have to let it dry, so it might end up awhile before we get to actually make something out of it.