Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Not what was expected

One bad and one good:

DD found out her raise - even worse then she expected. A whopping $1422 a year. She's not pleased, to say the least, so finding a new, better paying, and more interesting job will be her new goal. And knowing her and how she works, it won't be long before she finds one. With her degree, experience under her belt now, and the salaries in her area for her qualifications, she should be making $45k a year easy, if not $50k.

We finally got the total bill on our site work on the property. We had hoped it would not be more than $3500 (it's kind of hard to estimate exact hours they would need to move dirt) but are very happy to find out it is $2800. Much better than the $5-6k DH's friend's brother in law's estimate, plus we used someone local here from town, which is good.

Found out yesterday one of our friends (from where we used to live) is in the hospital and it sounds pretty serious. Possible heart failure, fluid in his lungs and kidneys only working like 33%. Then he started slurring and mixing up his words, so possibly a stroke. Praying for him and his wife and 3 kids.

Last night we watched the 2 hour first episode of the show on Discovery about the Unabomber. Very good show, we both enjoyed it. Thankful for being able to pause live tv, LOL, as DH kept having to go out and move sprinklers around during it. I think it's like an 8 episode show, so we'll have to be sure to keep watching.

Not much going on for me. Just busy with work this week.  Trying to get my side job completely caught up. I got behind the month I couldn't access anything and then got behind when I had to re-create 2 months of work. Now I hear they are looking into purchasing a building for their office, rather than leasing, so I know they will need up to date financial reports at some point, so I'm trying to get behind the 8 ball this week.          


  1. I can understand how disappointed your daughter must be. She is young so she should have many options. Just tell her not to snatch the first somewhat better job. I made that mistake a couple of times. Making haste is not good. Wish her the best of luck in her job hunt.

    1. That's exactly what I told her. She has a job paying the bills, she has time to look for the right job and be picky.

  2. And, what is her degree? She knows what she needs to do and can take her own sweet time doing it well. There have been times I have not had much in the way of choices. It is not a good feeling.

  3. She has her degree in Operations Management.