Monday, July 17, 2017

Metal detecting

It turned out to be kind of an exhausting, too hot, day Saturday. DH wanted to go back out to our property, with the metal detector he borrowed, and see if he could locate the 2 front property pins. We got out there about 9am, so the weather wasn't too warm. No luck getting the detector to beep where he thought the pins should be. He went to the next property over and found theirs. The detector wasn't a very expensive one, so it wasn't going to read down very far at all, we determined. Apparently just best used to find something you lost in the grass/ground or maybe just under the surface.

Then he took his weed eater out of the back of the car and cut the grass down so he could get the detector closer to the ground. Still no luck. We had some measurements of the width of properties and from the one we found on far side of neighboring lot, we took his long tape measure and marked out where the corner of our property should be and then again across our property (168 ft). Both spots were where DH thought the pins should be. They must have gotten buried (or taken out) when the road and utilities were put in, he guessed. He started digging on the corner between us and the neighbors that have a house there. This dirt was definitely fill and not native, so he kept digging and was down almost 2 feet and did see a piece of the broken off marker stick that had been in the ground. Neighbor got home as we were doing this and came out to chat with us. Love that guy. By then the weather was getting pretty warm. We chatted with him quite awhile and then he headed back toward his house. DH dug one more shovel full and finally found the pin! Found it! He yelled over to neighbor. So then neighbor came back over and DH told him how he was going to put a piece of plastic pipe down in the hole, over the pin and then fill it back up and we'd always have an easy way to locate it.

DH sent me back home to pick up the pipe he had. He hadn't been expecting to have to dig 2 feet down and hadn't brought that with him. I grabbed the pipe, made a quick lunch and brought another water and pop to him. By then it was hot out and he drank those right down and I finished the water I had left for me. Then the guy who let us borrow the metal detector was driving by and saw us, so of course he had to stop by and chat. That was probably an hour of getting nothing done. And getting hotter out! It was 90 by then. This guy used to actually own this 15 acre lot way back and sold it (to put his daughter thru college) and then it got subdivided and developed.

After he left, DH measured across the found pin 168 ft and quickly found the other pin, it was just a few inches under. Of course right where we had been looking all along. Then he wanted to do some measurements and marking with construction spray paint, for the site work guys. So now they'd know exactly where the edge of shop and house would be, where driveway should be, etc. By then I was getting way too hot and no water left. Neighbor guy had said feel free to come over and use the bathroom or get water if needed, so when we got finished we knocked on his door (his wife is out of town) to beg for some water!  It was so nice and cool in his house as I went back in with him to get some glasses with ice and water.

As we stood outside talking to him he left their door open and one of our dogs decided this was the best spot to be!

We got home around 2:30 (what a long time out there!) and were both exhausted from being out in the heat. I went to take a nap and DH was fiddling around with his drawings of the property. Our friends texted him that they were floating the river and their stop point was a restaurant about halfway between where they live and where we live and did we want to meet them there for dinner around 5:30. That sounded good and I'd still get my nap in. I finally doze off and the dang doorbell rings and woke me up. It was some guys selling satellite and internet service. So much for my nap.

We hadn't been to this restaurant yet. We both ordered the beer battered fish and chips and it was delicious. We'll definitely go there to eat again, it's only about a 15-20 minute drive away. They also had some live music, which was good to listen to, though a bit loud in trying to have dinner conversations.

Got home around 8:30 and as we are getting close to town we notice the road is wet! It  had rained! Finally! We were both tired and really didn't feel like having to do our nightly watering of the lawn, shrubs and flowers. It even rained a little more after we got home and the temp had gone down to 73 (the night before at this time the temp was still 98). It's cooled down to 85 the last couple of days. I'll take that over the 103 it was on Friday, that's for sure.


  1. You can't beat live music while dining, especially if they understand they are background entertainment and keep it low enough for conversation to carry on, which is totally different than going to a place where you are paying for dinner and a show and know it up front. I like that too, but know in advance there will be no conversation other than the mention how fantastic the last number was.

    1. fortunately (since it was kind of loud) they didn't start playing until we were just about done eating. We were still talking and our friends kids having dessert and it was a little hard to talk over it, but the guy was a good singer. He was singing and playing guitar and another guy was playing what I think was a mandolin. We dropped a few bucks in his tip jar as we walked out :)

  2. That sound like a long, hard, and hot day. I would not be happy missing a nap. I went to a place where the music was free and loud. And, anyone could come and place. There were no drums, just guitars, mandolins, fiddles and such. Where you sat in this huge room depended on whether you could have a conversation or not. The food was fantastic, but people came there on a Monday night to listen to music and just happened to eat, too.

    1. our table was pretty close, so that's probably why it was a little louder. It was great music - just not conducive to keeping on with our conversations LOL. We will definitely go back there again. Good food and good atmosphere.