Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday this and that

There's really not a lot going on so far this week. We put the bird food and water feeders we have out in our back yard last week and I see the birds are finally coming around. Lots of pretty little birds I haven't seen before, now living in a different part of the country. I also put out my hummingbird feeder but it has a leak so it all dripped out very quickly. I'll have to see if I just didn't get it screwed on right or if it somehow got damaged in the move and I'll have to get a new one. Gotta have a hummingbird feeder. I have another one that sticks to the window, but I haven't put that one out yet.

Our friend is coming over again on Saturday. He has our dump trailer and is getting himself some compost and then bringing us a bit of it. He says he adds it in the holes when he plants trees and shrubs and it really helps them grow fast. It's supposed to be in the mid 60's Saturday so sounds like a good day for it.  Still not sure when we are all going to the nursery to buy shrubs and trees. Plus DH has grass seed we bought to seed on the side of our house and also over seed pretty much the rest of the yard, especially the bit in back next to the house - it's more dirt than grass. I know he's just waiting for the weather to stay warmed up a bit. We are still below freezing or close to it some nights.

Did I mention my DD got a kitty? A one year old long haired Siamese. She is so pretty and starting to make herself at home with them.

Last evening we got to watch a couple of bunnies in our back neighbors yard (across the back alley) chase and play with each other. One HUGE bunny (almost as big as a cat) and a small one. Then a cat showed up. LOL. It entertained our one dog for quite awhile as he laid at the back sliding doors watching it all.

Dinners have just been out of our big stock up shopping we did last Friday. Though Monday, we didn't really have dinner. I didn't have lunch until like 2:30. I had saved the leftover steak from Sunday's dinner and made myself a steak sandwich by slicing really thin and putting in between two pieces of toast (something my dad used to make). Then about a half hour later DH decided he wanted to try one with the rest of the steak. At dinner time (usually between 5 and 5:30) neither of us was really very hungry, so he ended up having some heated up egg rolls and pizza rolls.

Last night was a chicken breast, rice and mixed veggies dish. I think tonight will be some beef tips over noodles and we're still finishing up the 12 pack of bakery rolls I had bought in our shopping trip.

That's all I got. Pretty boring stuff but I guess that's good. Just regular every day life going on.

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