Monday, April 17, 2017

Sunday perfection

We had a pretty perfect little day yesterday. The sun was shining and 62 degrees. We took the dogs, packed a lunch, and went for a drive. There is so little traffic around here (unless you go right into the bigger city that is over 50 miles away) it makes it relaxing to take a drive just about anywhere around here. There are lots of little road (dirt roads) that go up into all the mountains.

We drove up one road that turned into a dirt road. Got a few miles up and started seeing some snow and then passed some guys in an old pick up filled with firewood. The stopped to tell us that just up around the corner there was lots more snow on the ground, so we probably don't want to take our car past it. We drove up to that area and turned around. Stopped back in the little town at the drive through burger joint and got some milkshakes and the kind old couple gave the dogs some bacon. Then we went a few more miles back towards our town and headed up a gulch road. DH had read there was a little bit of an old ghost town left a few miles up it. We found some of it and got out and looked around and let the dogs run around.

 This was a town in the late 1800's, apparently for mining. Lots of these around here.

Then we headed back down and stopped at a little boat launch on the river. It was so nice and warm outside.

This place was only about 5 miles from our house. We headed back home. I took a little nap, then DH took a little nap. Dinner was some steaks. mashed potatoes and rolls. DH had picked the steaks out at the grocery store the other day - coated in some seasonings. I was a bit nervous to cook them as they were pretty thick and I never can seem to get them cooked right - either not done enough or over done, but I did them perfectly.  They were way too big of steaks though. I only could eat half of  mine, so I put the rest in the fridge. Not sure what I'll do with it. Might try making my Dad's old favorite thing he used to make us with leftover steak: steak sandwiches. He'd cut the meat in thin strips and put it between two pieces of toast. I always remember they were so yummy.

I called my mom to wish her a Happy Easter and later DH called his Dad. We spent the evening watching Killing Jesus on tv.  Not a bad weekend, at all.

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  1. I love seeing old ghost towns! So much history! We live in a similar area with old mines (and some newer ones!) along with roads that seem to go no where. My dh got back into metal detecting and has found a lot of neat old stuff. I joke that eventually he will find our retirement in the ground.