Saturday, April 22, 2017

Good deal and busy Saturday

Whew! It's been a busy day and it's only half over. And I can hardly move. DH started with seeding the yard with grass seed. Then his good friend and his son coming over and bringing a load of compost. They spread it all around where we want to add grass and also in the areas where the lawn was pretty thin and DH had over seeded. I planted the 3 shrubs (boxwood) we bought yesterday at 3 corners of the house.  While they were outside spreading compost I was inside vacuuming and painting the edges of our inside doors.

Who lives in a house (that they built them self) for 8 years and doesn't finish painting the edges of the doors? It only took me about an hour and now all the doors are white on the inside edges. There was only one door that had been painted. Then I spackled some  holes we had made in the bathrooms when we put the wood shelves under the mirrors and moved the mirrors up higher, leaving the holes in the bottom from where the mirrors had been. We also had some holes in the laundry room from where we took out their shelf and put in the cabinets. 

Then I made the guys lunch of club sandwiches. Yum. Haven't made those for awhile but everyone always likes them. The guys were done in about 2 hours and it already looks so much better!
Front yard with some overseed and compost added. We also re-seeded that strip of grass out front on the other side of the fence, between the fence and road. It was sort of grass, sorta dirt.
front yard in front of covered porch. New boxwood shrub planted. We'll put some other type of shrubs in that gravel area. The front yard grass should look better soon too.
Part of the back yard that had sparse grass here and there. Was ugly, but should look great when the grass grows. You can sure see the difference from neighbors lawn compared to ours! Hopefully ours will be nice and thick and green soon.
This is our little side yard which was just dirt (ie mud). We graveled a strip next to the house and the rest will grow grass.

We went to the city after work yesterday to look for Thuja (aborvitae) trees. I had called one nursery and they wanted like $45 for a 3 foot tree! We needed at least 30 (and that's only to do part of one side of our lot) . Lowe's had some nice big tall ones (like 4-5 ft) but they were $20 and then they had some really small ones - like barely a foot tall that were $8. We knew we could order some online from a wholesale nursery to get some about 15" that would be less than $2 ea (plus shipping costs). But we still didn't want to start out with that tiny of trees! We decided to go to Home Depot and see what they had.  Found some about 2ft tall for $8, so we decided to get those. We fit 32 on the cart (and that's what fit in the back of my car ) and also picked out 3 boxwoods.  She rang them up and I was expecting a total of like $275 and she said $182....when I got outside heading back to the car I looked at the receipt and all the thuja's rang up at $4 instead of $8. WooooHoooo! What a deal!
We haven't planted them yet and they still are smaller than we had hoped to be able to get for the money we wanted to spend, but it will look 100x better than it did before.  There is literally not a plant, tree or shrub on this lot.  Just grass, rocks and dirt.

I need a nap!


  1. That's a lot of yard work! Are you planning to grow any vegetables at all?

    1. I've never tried vegetable gardening. Just flowers and some berry plants. I'd like to try it when we build our house but since we only plan to be at this house another year or so I'm not going to attempt it here

  2. That was a great deal on all those plants! Now the work of getting them all planted!