Monday, April 3, 2017

Aches and pains

Yesterday was a very nice day. DH's friend came in the morning with the fixed tired for our little dump trailer. They hooked it up to his pickup. Loaded our two dogs in with one of his dogs and headed back to his place for a day of burning "crap". So, we finally got rid of all the scrap wood and concrete forms the previous owner so kindly left here. And we are going to keep the dump trailer at his place. He has tons of room and he can use it, too, when he needs it for hauling stuff.

I spent the rest of the day still recuperating from my sore muscles. Geez - the back of my legs still hurt! My back is all better now, though. I did get the vacuuming done. Looked for some coupons and loaded up some Target Cartwheel offers on the app on my phone. Just about everything on my shopping list had a Cartwheel coupon for 5-20% off. Nice. I took a very short 20 minute nap and headed out at 3pm. I went to Target and shopped for misc stuff. It was nice just taking my time and not feeling like I was in a rush......until I looked at the time and realized how much time I had already spent there and what time I needed to be at friends for dinner. LOL.  I walked out of Target and it was snowing. I still needed to pick up some rolls and dessert for dinner and I drove across the street to a grocery store and picked up a couple of pies (banana cream and chocolate silk) and some really yummy rolls from their bakery. I will have to remember those rolls next time I need some.

I got to friends place. I had brought our dogs dinner. Figured they'd be hungry since it was past their dinner time and our older dog didn't eat his breakfast (he always knows when something is "up" to change our routine, so he won't eat then). Apparently they had quite a day. Play play played - and rolled around in a ditch with dead fish. DH had to give them a bath outside. They played with friends two dogs, ran after the guys on the quad and completely wore themselves out. Our younger pup must have pulled a muscle in his right shoulder area. He's kind of limping a bit.

We then had a delicious turkey dinner and enjoyed the company of our friends and their 2 kids. Dessert was good too :)

We headed home about 8pm (we live a half hour from them) and while yawning on the way home the right side of my jaw started "popping". Grrr. I've had this happen before, but not this bad and it goes away. It's still doing it today and annoying the heck out of me. I looked it up online - take advil, rest the jaw, maybe apply heat.  I've done all that. It's a bit better, but sure wish it would stop.

Still nothing about a review at work. Bummer. I am going to ask her about one of the suggestions I made in my self review write up, though. I would like to see if my idea to streamline payables a bit (at a small monthly cost) would be something we could do.


  1. I have yawned big and hard and made my jaw pop, but it did not continue to pop. Keep your mouth shut? lol