Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Packing it up

This morning, as I'm doing my daily search for a place to live I clicked on the link of that house we had looked at on Friday. Now the status has changed from "pending" to "under contract accepting back up offers".  So, Monday the listing agent tells our agent they got an offer and were able to come to terms quickly. Now 2 days later, they are accepting back up offers? So strange.  I sent my agent an email asking him what he thought.

He just called me and said he talked to the listing agent and isn't really sure what to make of him/what is going on. Now he says the buyers are apparently having second thoughts on purchasing the house, so accepting back up offers. Again, just all kind of seems like he is trying to play a game to get us to offer full price. Like he said - that listing agent knew he had shown it and we were interested so why wouldn't he have called our agent to let him know, so maybe the sellers could have gotten two offers to choose from? Our agent thinks the price is a bit high, but the agent also told him over the weekend that they had just lowered the price (they did) and were firm in their asking price. I guess we could just put in an offer and see what happens.

We've been buying these big heavy duty 27 gallon plastic bins from Costco for months now to pack up all the stuff in. DH has gradually been packing up the shop and putting the bins on pallets. All very organized (it's DH, of course). We had a couple bins he hadn't used yet and I brought them in the house and it took 2 bins just to pack up my china hutch. haha. That's all I've gotten done so far. I'm afraid to get all packed and then have this sale fall through. DD will be coming down to help me the 2 weekends before we move.

I stopped at Costco yesterday to pick up more bins and they had none. I panicked. It looked like they weren't even carrying them anymore as rather than an empty hole waiting to restock, the area was filled up with some different kind of bins. Eeek! When I got home I called another Costco to see if they had any in stock and the helpful girl said they had 170 in transit and then she checked my store and said they also had some in transit, due in today. Whew! The bins are only $9 there. Everywhere else I can find them (online) they are $30-$50 EA, plus shipping.

Last week DH bought a used 53ft semi trailer. Sounds like he got a really good deal on it and all his trucker friends are telling him he'll be able to resell for at least what he paid. He's been using our good neighbors forklift and has it almost halfway filled with pallets already. He can actually move around in our shop now. LOL. The plan is to rent a u-haul for our house stuff. Our good friend (who we will most likely be staying at for awhile) has a father who worked for airlines or something and can fly over here for like $50 and he can drive the u-haul for us, while we drive our vehicles.

Yesterday was the hearing to get that lien removed from our home. I was hoping the attorney would call me and let me know it went ok (or didn't go ok) but never heard from him. I would assume if he didn't call me, that it went ok, but I sent his assistant an email this morning inquiring on it. I'd just like to breathe a little easier about one thing, at least. If it went through we will have the actual court discharge paperwork in a day or so. I was just typing that my attorney's assistant just emailed me back and said they didn't not receive any objections to our motion and were able to electronically submit last week. They expect the judge to sign off on it any day now. Whew! Still not officially signed yet, but doesn't sound like any issues.

Just plugging along with it all. DH found this absolutely GORGEOUS house for sale on 35 acres. It's just not really in the area he wants to live (he's more familiar, since he grew up there). It's about 70 miles from the main city. If I did ever have to find a new job, that's too far to commute. It's priced right and all just beautiful, but he's finding a lot of reasons to say no to it.....35 acres of pasture type land is a lot to take care of, compared to the 2 acres we are planning to buy and build on in a couple of years.

I finally made an appointment to get my hair cut on Thursday after work, My hair is getting so long. I was trying to just let it get long (past my shoulders now) but it just gets all "poofy" looking. I suppose I could spent more time on it with hot iron, blow drying, etc to make it look more managed, but I don't have the desire or the time, especially of late.  So, back to light layers, just above the shoulders.

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