Saturday, August 13, 2016

Just wow

We have been in contact with the buyer of our house off and on. She is buying some furniture and we've been discussing that.

She calls up at 6pm yesterday, asking if we know if it's possible to drill your own well on our property. No, the county won't allow it. Then she tells me why she is asking: her FHA lender told her they can't do the loan for her because there cannot be more than 4 homes on a well.

Are you freaking kidding me??!!!!! The lender takes 4 weeks to figure this out? And if the buyer hadn't called us who knows when we would have found out from our agent (who knew nothing about it yet). Monday at the earliest.  And we were closing the following week.

Unbelievable. I don't even have words anymore.


  1. I did find a couple of things online that mention the 4 houses per well but it also says state and local laws can play a role in that as well. How many houses are on the same well as you?

  2. There are 9 and according to the county it is considered a "public water system". It is not an individual water system or a shared well. It is totally under the county's control. The owner of the well had to create an actual company to create the water system that the county required be provided to this group of 9 lots, since we don't have access to city water.

  3. I think I would have to start hurting someone. Cheryl

  4. We are all doomed.....stupidity is rampant.
    Words just fail me.

  5. I don't know what to say... I am just hoping that you can obtain some sort of document from the county that this is considered a Public water system and it is totally legal and whatever else so that the lender can be satisfied.

  6. Oh and BTW, This was not an issue when you bought the house right? How come it is a problem now?

    1. We didn't finance FHA. We have conventional loan. This buyer is trying to finance using FHA and it's their requirement.

  7. Unreal.
    What a nightmare for you.