Thursday, August 11, 2016

Getting through the to-do list

Yesterday was pretty hectic. I got bombarded with emails from my mortgage broker. I hope she has everything she needs now and she said she should hear back from underwriting tomorrow. When she emailed me some docs to e-sign I noticed she had my income wrong - she wasn't including my $1000 month side job income, so I sent her all that info (again). Hey - that $1000 bucks a month pays for what my mortgage/insurance/taxes payment will be on this house! I want it included, of course. She also said they are pretty fast to process loans, but the thing they have to wait on is the appraisal, which are on the slow side to get scheduled.

I got DD cancelled off the health insurance plan I have her and DH on. Her work insurance starts Sept 1 (yay!) What a pain in the butt! I called last week and was told either DH or DD had to be the one to call, because their names were on the policy, not mine. So DD calls and finally gets through the wait and then they tell her that only DH can do it, as the main policy holder. I called up yesterday, put him on the line to ok the removal of DD, got back on the line and my phone went whacky. I could hear people, but no one could hear me. Finally, I got back through on my cell phone. Good grief.

DH talked to the guy that owns the house we are buying this morning. He said he does (or his agent does) has a copy of the inspection report already done on the house. So either we will be getting that one (at no cost) or if his agent doesn't want to give it to us, then we can most likely still buy it from the inspector company at reduced price.

Now the guy does not want to rent us the house prior to closing, per advice from his agent. I totally understand. I wouldn't want to do it either.  Too many sales fail prior to closing. But, still a bummer and just makes more headaches for us, that we thought we were going to be able to avoid.

Found out the town is so little, we won't get mail delivered at the house, have go go the half mile or so to the Post Office and have a PO Box :)  I see with USPS online that I can just reserve and pay for the box all online, so it will be ready when we get there.  I hope UPS delivers to us somehow! I do a lot of Amazon shopping and will probably do even more from there.

I've had to get a couple of home owner's insurance quotes. Got a quote from the company we currently have our home owner's insurance with and also with company we have our auto insurance with. Both were pretty close to same, but the current homeowner's insurance company was a little cheaper. But neither online quote let me add a detached shop, so I'm sure it will be more once I finalize it.


  1. All good news! Yay!

  2. I've lived in small towns and rural areas all my life until recently, and UPS will deliver to your door.