Thursday, August 25, 2016

A potential buyer already

Maybe our real estate agent's incompetence might actually benefit us for a change!

Finally around 10am (after I emailed her again about it) she sent me the paperwork to e-sign terminating the sale contract with buyer. She told me there wasn't any more I needed to sign with her, as my contract with her technically expired 7/27 and now that we are no longer under contract with the buyer, she will just pull the listing and just needs to come out and get the lock box (but not until next Tuesday, mind you).

About an hour later I get a phone call from an agent - saying she saw our house just showed up as available again, she knows we have requested 2 hour notice, but can she bring her very interested client by in an hour? I'm like..umm....well...we lost the sale on our house and just now signed the papers terminating this morning. We aren't going to list with the same agent and haven't yet found a new one, since the termination papers just literally got signed and I was told I had to wait until the listing was officially no longer active.

I explained to her the FHA/well problem and she said her client is fully approved conventional financing and they are very excited about our house, exactly what she is looking for, etc. She said she couldn't bring her by and show it to her while it was still on MLS as with our other agent, otherwise if she did want to offer, we'd be under obligation to old agent. She said her client would probably at least take a drive by to look, which I did see someone do that about 45 minutes later.

I emailed our agent and asked her about why it's showing as listed with her and she said they were aware of the problem, for some reason MLS wouldn't let them change it straight to "expired" status, so they had to call MLS to do it and it would take a couple of hours before it processed.

So, this new agent is watching for that (I think it might have happened) and is coming over around 5pm to talk with us. Who knows, maybe we just got lucky for that short period of time that she saw our house listed.  I'm glad our listing was set up that the agents had to call me to set up appointment to show the house because if she had called our old agent direct, I'm sure she wouldn't have gotten passed on to me. This new agent and her assistant are coming by in a few hours to talk with us.

Onward we go..........


  1. Crossing fingers the old agent gets her shit done and this new prospect is a "live" one!

    1. thanks! I hope so too, but trying to not get too excited. I was just so surprised by the call - was not expecting that at all.

  2. Ditto.
    (it is not easy to sell houses anymore. the aggravation is mind blowing)
    Saying prayers.
    Hold on.
    You'll get there!!

  3. Yay! That was quick and hopefully this will bring GOOD news! And, good for you for having the agents call you directly - who knows if this potential sale would have been lost while you get out from the incompetence of the old agent! Fingers crossed and sending you good vibes!!

  4. Could it be possible the new agent just wants you to sign with her? I hate to be a skeptic.

    1. Well, anythings possible for sure. When she first contacted me she didn't know we were looking for new agent, because for whatever reason our listing was showing back up on MLS as active with our agent, so she was just calling to set up appt. for her buyer to see. Her buyer did drive by 45 min later, as she said. Also, when the agent came over last night, she showed me her texts with her buyer where she texted her a link to our listing and told her this looks exactly like what she's been looking for and buyer replied back "I love it!!!" When can I see it? Then while she was here her buyer called her back and she walked off for a few min to tell her more about house and now she is showing it to her today at 1pm.