Friday, September 5, 2014

Water this and Water that

It's been an all "Water" type of day.  Got up early and got ready (DH too) because a guy from the county was coming out first thing to test our water pressure. But even before he came I was in DD's bathroom and noticed water on the floor in the corner next to the tub. Crap! We have a leak. We assumed it was coming from the tub faucet/behind the wall and we didn't see any water leaking under the sink. In order to get to the insides of the tub faucet you have to access it through a cut out panel from DS's bedroom....behind his big heavy desk that, since he hasn't been here for a year, has been piled with all his big trophies and misc computer crapola. I had to move it ALL out so we could move the desk from the wall. Ugh.

DH unscrews the panel and nope, nothing. No water seen. Now what?  Then the guy from the county health dept shows up. Nice young guy, just learning his job and all it entails (I got that from the phone conversation I had with him last week). He attaches his little pressure gauge thingy to one of our outside faucets and it registers nothing. Well, there should be "something" - we do have some water coming out (but not much, as usual). So he grabs another gauge to screw on and it does the same thing. Then he tries 2 of our other outside faucets. Barely registers 5lbs of pressure! He says he'll go back, tell his boss and get her advice from there, but he does plan to come back on Monday, with a different gauge, because he just wants to make sure his gauge was working. Well, at least we are headed in the right direction with this water issue.  I don't even think I have blogged about it the past week or two - same old same old - annoying beyond belief 82 year old water well owner who needs to replace the pump, but doesn't have $3000 to do it. We even offered to give our 1/9th share of the cost to fix it. She still has no money.

So, I reported her to the county week before last. The guy called me up last week. There is not a lot they apparently have authority to do, other than she has to have it tested annually and (new info) she does have to supply us with at least 30 pounds of water pressure. I told this to our good neighbor last weekend and he said he had a water pressure gauge, so he tried it out on his faucet and it only read 22#.

It sounds like (once this guy double checks on Monday that we really do not have much pressure) the county will than be sending her a letter telling her she is required to fix the well to provide at least 30# of water pressure.

Once he left DH had time to figure out that our bathroom leak was coming from the sink faucet plumbing and running down the wall/floor . Half-assed job done by our remodel guy, 2 trips to the hardware store later and DH basically redid the plumbing. He looked at our two sinks in our master bath - one was done correctly and one not - what the heck?!

Now it's all fixed and hopefully soon we'll have the county on the well owner and get that fixed. I have a practically brand new dishwasher and my dishes don't get clean because we don't have enough water pressure so the thing cleans like it should!

I was supposed to be working from home today. Emailed my boss that I'd be getting a late start to deal with the leak and then at 1pm emailed her back that I'm just writing today off as a vacation day. I hardly got anything done other then a few emails read/answered in between helping and running to the hardware store.


  1. I'm glad it's all fixed now. Water leaks are the worst...

  2. Do you have a shared well agreement? What does it state in that? If it doesn't say that the owner has to replace the well or pump if its not working properly, I don't see how the county could make her. Is getting your own well drilled an option?

    1. We do have a well agreement. I'd have to dig it out - we had to have it to buy our property, but I think just basically states she has to supply us water. She is the well owner, the well is registered with the county. Because it is so old, it is grandfathered in under their old well rules. The county guy said any new "group B" well must be managed by a well management company, the owners aren't allowed to do it anymore.....gee....I wonder why. Getting our own well drilled is not an option, county said no.

      But, county said she is required to make sure the well is providing 30# of pressure, which it isn't even close to, so they will be making her fix it via that avenue, it appears.