Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August Savings Total


Not bad, eh! I kept track of every way I saved or earned a little extra this month. This total doesn't include buying something on sale and writing down the price difference.......I always try to buy stuff on sale when I can. This is using additional methods to save extra or earn cash back or gift cards.

Here's the breakdown:
Swagbucks: $30.00 in Amazon giftcards (thanks to the great tips from Abigail at http://ipickuppennies.net/2014/07/swagbucks-beginners/ I was really able to increase my Swagbucks earnings!)
PayPal Debit rewards 1% cash back:  $20.61
Walmart Savings Catcher : $25.82
Discounted gift cards: $79.14
Coupons used:$26.81
Chase Debit Rewards: $2.59
Plink points redeemed: $10 gift card (forgot I even had this account and found out I had enough points for $10 gift cards!)

I also earned points with MyPoints, though not much, and I'm not going to count them until I redeem for a gift card.



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