Monday, September 15, 2014

One more day and then I am off work for a whole week! I ready for some time off.........but not ready for the end of the week....saying goodbye to DD :(

I got my weekend projects completed.  The front door step looks much better not all torn up and the dark brown looks much better with our tan/brown/cream house colors. It was a bit more challenging to install squares of carpet, rather than the whole one piece I have always done in the past. But, when the one area starts getting a hole from our shoes stepping on the edge, in a few years I'll just be able to replace that square, so should save me time in the long run.

I did clean that glass screen door! it's just the reflection and a reflection of the patterned door mat inside my door :-)  But I need a new welcome mat. And as an accidental benefit of this carpet, I got rid of one of my biggest pet peeves! It's a bit thicker than the old carpet so now the bottom of the screen door rubs on the carpet a bit.....the screen door can slam no more! LOL

The staining of the back french door cover is done. Now we just need to figure out what type of roofing we want to put on it. Some type of corrugated polycarbonate or steel panels. Should work great to keep the rain off the doors and help keep the sun out of that room in the summer.

Now DH has another project in mind. A small cedar fenced off area (just to the right of this picture) that will kind of separate our "top yard" from the rest below the block wall and pretty much block any view we would have of our junkyard neighbor and he of us. Will make grilling out in the back much nicer next year without having to stand there and look at all his crap. It's basically a 5' cedar fence with lattice top, almost as long as our house. I think he said we'd need 4 or 5 of the 8' panels and the posts. The panels are $65, so should be able to do this project for about $400 or less. Might be a good late Fall project.  After I pay for the new tires I need on my car!

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