Monday, September 1, 2014

I put it back

Willpower can be a hard thing sometimes! I ran over to a neighborhood store this morning. They were having good sales on their bedding and I also wanted to check out their 50% off garden decor items. DD still needs a mattress topper.  As I'm wandering the bedding aisles trying to find the mattress toppers (they didn't have anything I liked or in twin xl size) I come across this great deal on a king size duvet cover and pillow shams. It was in a nice bluish/teal color, with a bit of pattern in the fabric, that I thought would look great with my dark wood sleigh bed. $27 with coupon. The one I currently have is a light cream color (which does well to mix in with our yellow lab's fur color, LOL), and I have a brown blanket folded across the bottom of the bed.  I decided to buy it. I liked the color and wanted a change in the bedroom.

Then I wandered over to the garden center.  They didn't have much, but I did find a cute stepping stone with a hummingbird on it 50% off, for $6.50.  Then I stood there and looked at the duvet cover in my hand.....did I really NEED this? No, I do not. Plus, there are other things I need to buy that are NEEDS right replacing the torn carpet on our frontdoor step. So, I put it back.

Got home and ordered the self stick carpet tiles I need, for not much more than the duvet cover. I feel much better now :-).  But I still kinda want that duvet cover.........oh and the new couch they had on display, that I just fell in love with! Haha!


  1. Yep, I do that more often than I care to admit. Good for you for putting a need above a want. Sometimes that us very difficult.

  2. Good for you!! You have incredible will power :)