Monday, September 29, 2014

I survived

I survived the weekend with just me and DH. I don't know if he thinks I need more attention or what, but he keeps trying to spend time with me! WTH? LOL.  I'm sure that will fade away too, and he'll stay at his computer, while I'm busy trying to read my book, and leave me alone. Haha!

DD kept in contact off and on via messages and pictures from her morning hike and her evening stroll to the waterfront. She is loving it. I sent her a picture of one of our dogs sadly laying out in the driveway in her parking spot, as if it waiting and wondering when she will be home.  And a picture of the yummy peanut butter cookies I made :-)

We got rid of a couple of fairly large items cluttering up our one case we've had it 20 years! What is it you ask? It's an old fax/copy machine. Quite useful in it's day, when we had our business. I think the last time it was used (and it barely works - you can send/receive like one page before the rollers jam) was a few years ago. DH was like "can't you sell it?" That gave me a good laugh. I said no, it's 20 years old and fax machines are pretty much obsolete now. We hardly even use them much at work anymore. Now we just scan stuff with our copy machine and it goes straight to email, where we can send it that way. This thing has been sitting in the corner of my bedroom, on a little table, so it could be plugged into the phone outlet.  Then we got rid of our old small bird cage. Just one of those cheapy ones. I hung onto it when we got our 2nd bird (and a big, nice cage), just in case we'd need it to take a bird to the vet or to separate them for some reason. A couple years later and it's still never been touched.  Plus, it wasn't too sturdy anymore.

I think my fairly new vacuum is starting to go bad on me. I have the worst luck with vacuums. They hate me. (the feeling is mutual). I knew the bag was about half full, so I did part of the house and then put in a new bag. Then it started just smearing the dog (black hair) hair all over the light carpet. I turned it over to make sure the roller was still spinning around and it was.  Then I turned it off and cut and pulled all the hair and crap wrapped around the roller. Thought that would take care of it. It stopped smearing the dog hair on the carpet, but still didn't pick up much of it. Bleh!


  1. Could it be clogged? We have to unclog ours every couple of months because of the dog hairs and its always in the hardest place to reach one of the tubes (luckily my husband is good at it because I never can find the clog). We have to use a wire hanger bent straight to get out it.

    1. it probably is. I'll have to dig into it (like I have every other vacuum I've owned) and see if I can find it. I just wasn't in the mood to takle the project after I had stopped to change the bag and then stopped to get all the hair and stuff from around the roller. I got really good at taking apart the vacuum I owned before this one!