Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A step in the right direction

I took Dh to his doctor appointment today.  Guess I am glad I did go.  I really really liked this doctor and he seemed to focus right in on Dh's health problems.  He worked out a plan for a medication to try (could take up to a month of increasing dosage to get results) and said for this visit let's skip the physical.  He said he could do that at the follow up visit in a month or so.  So, am keeping fingers crossed BIG that this medicine helps him to start feeling a little better! 

The medicine is a $15 copay, so was relieved that that's all it was.  For this "graduated" method of dosage we actually had to pay for 2 different mg. prescriptions, so $30 out of pocket today, but once he gets on regular dosage it will be only $15/month. I was expecting some big expensive prescription.  The new insurance I switched to at the beginning of this year is much better.  Covers the first 6 office visits w/only 25% coinsurance and a physical in full.  Prescriptions are $15 copay. 

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