Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another home cooked meal

My dinner of marinated chicken wings was very good! and so easy to make. Could have used a few more wings, but I heated up a few egg rolls to add to it, so all was good.  The chicken wings cost around $5 and I already had the ingredients for the marinade.  Tomorrow's dinner plan is hamburgers (done under the broiler).  The weather is supposed to be low 70's most of the week, so it shouldn't be too bad at all to have the oven on.

The painter guy never did show up to give us an estimate - so obviously not a very reliable person.  He was supposed to come Friday and then changed it to yesterday, and then called yesterday and said early Sunday he didn't even call.  Must be nice to be so busy you don't need the work or the money!  But regardless of whether we paint it ourselves or have this guy do it - we need to get the pre-work done - replace some rotted trim and window trims and dh hasn't made any move to get that started anyway :-(

Ds did a couple of computer repair jobs last week and earned $360 - so that is great!  Wish he could do that every week - LOL.

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