Saturday, August 13, 2011

And the house painting saga continues...

I did what I usually do when Dh has a meltdown.  I just pretty much ignore him, as there is no reason to incite him further by trying to discuss it with him.  When he gets into that mental state there is absolutely nothing I could say to make sense to him, anyway.

Well, after being gone half the day today running errands and such, I get home and he tells me he called the painter guy.  Said he told him that he thought his quote of $1800 was a great deal, but just not quite what we have right now to spend and that we would hopefully be able to use his services in the next 8 weeks or so, before the rainy season hits.  Well!  The painter guy said no problem - if we wanted, we could give him 50% to do the job and pay him the balance the next month.  I said that sounds PERFECT!.  I will totally have enough to cover it by the end of Sept, which is really only 6 weeks out.  I think I might finally get my house painted :-)

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