Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crappy News

I went to the doctor for my annual physical exam.  Last year I had slightly high cholesterol and was advised to watch my diet.  Which I thought I had done.  I switched to 1% milk and tried to keep track of the cholesterol mg's in the foods I normally ate.  Problem was, most of what I ate was pretty low in cholesterol already!  I know I should exercise, but just hadn't convinced myself to get on that bandwagon.  Well, today's report showed my cholesterol level has increased quite a bit- CRAP!  The email I got with my test results said the doctor recommends medication, so I will be calling tomorrow morning to get the info on that.  Wonder how much that will cost........

I also finally put a message into this doctors office to get Dh set up for a physical and hopefully some help with his health problems.  Maybe there is some medication that will help him feel better, even though the doctors never could come up with a diagnosis of what is wrong with his muscles.  I'm gleaning on a very smalllllll hope that if he could feel better mayyyybeeee he could go back to work - or at least work part time.  One step at a time, I guess.

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