Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting ready to paint the house

The painting the house project has begun!!  Dh and Ds were out starting to take some rotted boards off of our wood shed and the neighbor was outside and came over to find out what they were working on.  Turns out he has a bunch of cedar boards he is going to give us - so that is great.  On the down side Dh realized there is more rotten boards on the open part of the wood shed than he thought so will need to buy extra boards for that.  All in all, though with the free stuff from the neighbor and the extra we have to purchase we should come out about the same as Dh budgeted for wood replacing.  Also, his friend that recommended the painter is going to come over on Friday and help Dh and Ds with replacing and pressure washing/bleaching the house, garage and shed.  Then it will be ready for the painter to come!

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