Monday, July 23, 2018

Weekend update and stress

With all the stress this past week, we tried to relax some this weekend. I don't think it really helped a whole lot. I was just about to start typing what we did on Saturday and I can't even remember now! Proof I'm stressed, I guess. I know we went out to the property, but I can't remember what we did. I'll have to think a minute to jog my memory. Ok, I remember now! Geez.

I dropped DH off at the property and went into the city to stock up on groceries. Stopped at Target, the grocery store, and then a quick run into Walmart for a take and bake pizza, steaks and 55 gallon garbage sacks. Our car was really dirty and covered in bugs on windshield and grill, so I also pulled into the car wash. On my way home DH called and said he needed his saw out of the car (he has his tools in two bins in the back of my small suv) so I stopped at the property to drop that off. He said his sister was on her way back home and was stopping by to see the property, about 15 minutes behind me. I ran home really fast, unloaded the groceries and then drove back to the property to I could see them (sis, her dh and their daughter) since we probably won't see them for awhile again.

After they left, we moved a stack of soffit material. It had gotten delivered with the siding in error. The builder said he didn't order it (as we were using tongue and groove boards for soffit) so it's just been sitting there in a stack behind our shop for 2 weeks or more. It needed to get moved because supposedly the excavator is coming this week and he needs access behind the shop. I also need to make sure we are not billed for this material when the builder takes the draw on the siding and tongue and groove soffits we did use.

I really don't remember what we did the rest of Saturday afternoon. Dinner was the take and bake pizza and we watched tv Saturday evening. DH said the only thing he wanted to do at the shop on Sunday was he needed to crawl up in the crawlspace above the ceiling and get a hole drilled out the front, top of the shop wall. The electrician had installed the wiring for a floodlight to be put up above the big roll up door, but he didn't drill the hole to run the wire through! DH said he wished he had one of those "headlamps" he could use. I said I'll bet neighbor friend across street has one you can borrow (he works in mining) and sure enough he did and brought it over.

Sunday morning at 8am we went out to do that. Luckily the scissor lift is still there, so DH was able to just raise himself up to the crawl space opening and get up where he needed to be and drill the hole and poke the wiring through.

That's not actually the crawl space hole. That is on the other end of the shop, but these recessed light openings are still "open" so he was able to fit up inside that and then he wasn't too far from where he needed to drill the hole.

Then we went back home. I had mentioned on the way home how stressed I now am and after we got home he suggested we take a lunch and go somewhere and relax. Then he said "or we just stay home and get the inside our our car cleaned out". We ended up doing that. Pulled out the blanket we keep down in back (for dogs) and washed it. DH vacuumed car and I wiped down the interior. There was so much dirt and dust inside from the property. AFter we got done it was still early (before noon) so I packed the lunch and we decided to go back to our property with the dogs and use the game trail to get down to the river. It's steep hike down, but I just went slow. The river is low enough now that we have a little rocky beach area to stand or sit on a big rock. The dogs went right in, though they still won't swim. They just like to walk along with it up to their bellies. It was peaceful and shady. Some fisherman went by. Some floaters went by. DH flew his drone. We watched and waited to see if a bald eagle was going to come out of the tree he was sitting up in across from us, to get a fish, but he ended up having more patience then us, LOL.

Back up to Friday - the drywall tape and texture guy showed up at like 4pm. Really? He did stay until like 7:30pm. Looks like he put trim around the bathroom corners and did some seams. But guess what? He's a no show this Monday morning! All's the builder can say is "he says it will be done by next Monday, so don't worry". DH said well he also said he'd be here last Monday, then last Wednesday, then Friday and I guess he gets to count Friday, since he showed up at 4pm.....

So, I guess trying to relax was probably helpful, just doesn't feel like it when it's back to all the stress Monday morning :(


  1. I'm pretty sure I commented previously that you're braver than I am for building - and now I can see why! But I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end!

  2. I know this is not cool for you guys! I only have second hand knowledge so to speak I guess because I know some general contractors....but this sounds really unusual. I mean stuff comes up and there are delays. But god, if you’re contracted to do the job.....then do it! May the force be with you, and it looks great so far, for what it’s worth.

    1. it sure seems really bad business, to us. I mean yes, when he said he'd build the shop in 60 days, we figured ok, let's give him another 30 days, to error on side of caution. At the end of this week it's been 4 months and while it looks like lots has been done it's no where near being done where we could move all our stuff into it and live in it. Thank you for commenting!

  3. I am hoping it will be a smoother ride from now on. Sending good vibes from this end of the ocean.

    1. it seems to be getting worse, unfortunately.