Thursday, July 26, 2018

Miss complainer

I feel like all's I'm doing is complaining. Maybe my new title should be One Family One Complainer. I am SO stressed out. I can handle one, even two stressful things at a time and do well and stay calm. But not every single issue at the same time. Builder, subs, the delays, bank, sale of this house, nephew's death....and then when DH gets stressed (which he handles by getting mad) that makes me stressed even more. Sometimes I think just being able to vent it all on my blog is what's keeping me sane. So, thanks to those of you who are following along and hanging in there with me.

I am not sleeping well (neither is DH). I usually find myself waking around 4am, in a cold sweat, and can't really go back to sleep. When I am stressed I can't eat, so I am losing weight. I'm exhausted, have headaches and stomachaches. UGH! I feel like I can't handle this much at once. I'm to the point I don't even care if we sell this house or get the house built. Dealing with all these people who can't follow through with what they've agreed to is beyond ridiculous.

I know I "asked" for this by building a house, but I really don't think every aspect needs to be this darn hard. The guy doing the stone siding got started yesterday, around 10:30am. It's a slow process. DH said he's about 30 years old or so. For some reason his wife comes with him, but she doesn't do any work. Mostly she sits in their truck with the a/c running (because it's 94 out). Today they showed up at like 11:00. Spent half the time trying to talk to DH or the tape and texture guy (so he then wasn't getting anything done either). At 2pm his wife gets mad at him about something and they get in an argument and leave at 2:30.  So he was there 3 1/2 hours (half of which he yakked and got nothing done) and leaves. Just ridiculous. It does look nice, so far, though (it will be grouted in between stones and have a ledge piece along the top)

The excavating guy, who said he'd be back on Wednesday, I guess counts showing up at 3pm and dropping off a piece of equipment as working. DH and I went over to the county office and got our septic permit, per his instructions. That's the nice part about small town, the county guy already knew we were on our way, he was just finishing up filling it out when we walked in his office. Took all of about 5 minutes.

Still no word on what the buyer of our house plans to do. I guess he has until next Monday to respond. At least, as of the end of yesterday, the other items for finishing the shop are rolling along. Excavating started for water and septic. Water pump guy is supposed to start putting in the well pump on Monday. The tape and texture is supposed to be done by the end of this week and the painter lady is supposed to come Monday and take two days. Once water is in, then hopefully plumber guy isn't too far behind to finish the bathroom. We still didn't know what we are doing about finishing the electrical. DH hasn't been able to get ahold of deceased electricians wife to find out about getting all the parts her DH had in his van for our project.Then at the end of yesterday, the equipment operator who works for excavating company owner, told DH his brother can do it and do it right away. Then last night the first electrician's wife called and it sounds like DH got things squared away with her as far as her figuring out (with DH's help) what all of our parts (that we've already paid for) are in his work van.  I know DH will feel a whole lot better once water and septic are in.


  1. I think you are well within your rights to complain a lot more than you do. I would say the woman came to make sure he is on the job and not somewhere else. One of you needs to nix that.

    I utterly despise a worker who shows up late and takes off early!!! I would casually and firmly mention with stance and eye contact that means business that I really need work to start early in the day and for workers to stay on the job. Of course, I could see letting some of them start later if there was good reason.

    Here in the South where I live, the heat is o bad that workers are on construction sites before the sun is up and working by sunrise and take off about noon. It is just too hot in the afternoon. I would also ask if they were working elsewhere and remark that your place needs to be finished asap.

    Some people get a contract on start and finish time of the part of the project each person has and offer a bonus if finished earlier. That could be a bad idea, however.

    Maybe your people pleaser attitude has the people fooled into their thinking you two don't care about things. Maybe both of you could let these workers know how fed up and stressed out you are because of such short work days.

    Even in a remodel, I found some of the same problems and let the guy know about it. It did little good, but at least he showed up more often and for longer. He took two other jobs after he took on our house.

    Just keep complaining to us if it makes you feel better. You are certainly within your right to complain!!!

    1. Thank you Linda! you always have good advice :)

  2. Oh man! I can't even imagine building an entire house! Our kitchen remodel is stressful enough. Just remember it will all work out in the end. Try to relax!

  3. I built out a 2300 sq ft condo in the early 00's and swore I'd never build again. The contractors just absolutely drove me nuts. If my business operated like that, I'd go broke. Of course, now I live in a totally different house and we've had numerous contractors in to do projects, etc. They're all the same. We had a half skid of stones on our driveway turnaround all winter once because the stone guy kept saying he'd get to it. Meanwhile, he was building mansions and I'm sure we fell to the bottom of his list every week. He finally showed up on a SUNDAY and finished it. Grrrr.
    It's got to be really maddening to have your house sale hanging out there, too. But I'm with you. A $4K allowance is enough for them to take it or leave it. sheesh.

    1. There have been 2 contractor who do what they say they will do and when. The rockery guy (we hired him ourselves, paying out of pocket) and the electrician (who passed away). Everyone else is a joke

  4. Contractors can be a pain. I think you are handling things the best you can. Love the stone work! :)

  5. I am really pleased with what I picked out for siding, trim and stone.