Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Mid week and need more days in the week

Yesterday was a busy day at the property for DH, but he was happy to finally see some progress on the site itself, again. He had brought the rockery guy back in, with a backhoe, to set a culvert under the driveway and start setting rock. DH adores this guy. We would have hired him in a minute to do all our site work, but at the time the guy he works for did not have all the necessary equipment to do all this. I guess he has been adding equipment and is getting there, to handle that type of work.

anyhow, in our bid from the (missing in action) excavating guy, we were going to only have one culvert put in. In the meantime DH decided to put one under the other driveway, too. We ended up just buying both culverts out of pocket last week, as who the heck knows when excavating guy will get to it. The guy yesterday and DH decided let's just let him do both, since he's already doing one. And FINALLY we got our main driveway backfilled in! Gosh! That has been sitting "open" since almost the beginning of the project. It's been driving DH nuts. Then guy looked back at our shed/chicken coop that still needs backfilled and said "let's just get that done too". So, another big pile of dirt is gone. He also placed two of the huge huge rocks I had picked out on either side of our main driveway gate. All that took most of the day, so no rocks got set, but they are back at it early this morning. I was out there after work yesterday and it already looks so much better without all the piles of dirt.

Our builder finally got all his numbers/materials list together to give to our banker lady. He upped a couple numbers, mainly the lumber package as that has gone up so much in price the past few months. The only part I was really confused about was he put in $9500 for concrete patios and walkways. Well, we already have paid for that in our shop construction loan (and not $9500!). DH called him up and he realized he goofed. For some reason he keeps thinking our house has a big deck that needs to be put in from the upstairs loft area. Nope. So, he's removing that add in. He's like "no. we already got all the patio work in on the shop money". Yep. LOL.  It also sounds like he is going to order the lumber and get started on it before we sign loan docs on the house construction. He wants (and we need) him to get going on it and he said he doesn't get billed for it until the next month and then he can just submit for draw right away as soon as our funds are available. That would help speed things along with the house build, for sure.

Today the huge rock pile should start going down, as they use these up to set along driveway. It will do DH good to see all the rocks and dirt piles around getting cleaned up. Still no word from the excavating guy on when he's coming back. He had come back a couple weeks ago to do it all. Did about half days work and then asked if it would be ok if he pulled his guy off to go do another rush job for a few days.....well, a few days was 2 weeks ago and he's long been off that job.

Our neighbor friends across the street are having a pole building shop built. They started Monday and are already almost done with it. I texted her last night "no fair. your's is done in two days and our shop can't get done in almost 4 months!". (granted it's not the same thing, but still). She and I have the funnest texting. She always makes me laugh. She's not working on Fridays and I have to only work half day this Friday so it sounds like we are going to go out to our property so she can see everything.  I also told her I am going to need some "chicken lessons" from her at some point.

Yesterday was the buyers inspection. Hopefully all goes well with that. I can't imagine there being any issues. There wasn't any issues with the inspection we had done and it's only been 2 years and nothing has gone bad that we know of.  But, you never know and this inspector guy seemed kinda strange. Hard to talk to.

Got a nice surprise delivery yesterday. Our old neighbor/good friend sent some really nice wind chimes for our new house. That was very sweet of him.


  1. You are AMAZING - I swear sometimes reading the updates it is like you are speaking a foreign language - culvert???? That was nice of your old neighbor to send a gift - how are things there? Do you get updates at all?

    1. I guess since DH used to work in road construction I know what a culvert is. LOL. It is pipe put in a ditch (then all covered up) and water can drain down into it, rather than across our driveways :) Our old neighbor is tired of it all, there too. It doesn't sound much better, though it is all confined to the house that was behind our old house and not at the rental house next door to our neighbor anymore. He's got 4 more years until he can retire and is counting the days and get out of there.