Monday, July 2, 2018

Let's do Monday

I'm looking forward to this week - a nice 2 1/2 day off break right in the middle. I've got two tasks I really don't want to deal with this morning, but I must. First I just sent an email to our realtor asking him if he has any insight(s) as to why, after almost 3 weeks of listing, we aren't even getting anyone interested to at least look at the house.  And I'm not going to buy "price" as the excuse. That house a few blocks away was apparently too high priced (they accepted an offer $20k less than asking) and they obviously had people look at it- they sold it - in 3 weeks.

At the rate all this (building the shop and trying to sell this house) is taking - we are seriously considering that we might end up putting building the house off until early next spring. As it stands, if we sold our house today, the house construction wouldn't be able to gets started on until almost September. It's not going to sell today and even if it sold in the next month or so, starting our house in October and living in a shop during the cold winter months is not what we want to do. It's not like we "have" to do all this this year, I guess. Waiting another 6 months to start the house and postpone selling this until early next year, might be what we end up deciding to do. If a shop takes him 4 months (or more?!) how long is the house going to take? I don't mind living it it during Spring through Fall, but not winter months.
My second call I need to make is to the local painter lady who gave us a quote on painting our shop - at $2,000 higher than the lady the builder has lined up. So, that's going to be a no. Just not in the budget to pay an extra $2k.

So far DH has been happy with all the quality of work done (just not the timeline) except for the insulation guy that showed up Friday afternoon. Showed up, did 2 1/2 hours of work. And so far, what they have sprayed in is not at the 1.5" minimum needed to be sprayed. DH even told him before he started - Do NOT skimp on this. DH talked with our builder on Saturday and said he might want to come take a look at it before the sheet rock covers it.  He agreed and said that is the one thing you do not want any areas that are less than 1.5 inches because moisture will get in those areas and ruin the blow in insulation and walls. Now it is after 9am Monday morning and they haven't even showed back up yet to finish it.

The concrete guys were there first thing (like 7am) this morning and the first half our our concrete patio got poured, so at least that is getting done. Now the guy is just waiting for it to get to a certain hardness before he can stamp it. DH sent me a pick of the color and I love it. We let the concrete kid (I call him a kid - he is only 22 haha) pick out what color he thought would be best and he thought a lighter tan would look better than dark, and I agreed.  He said he's going to put some black into the release agent so there will be some black highlights in it. He thought that would go good since our roof has a little black in it too. The other half will get poured tomorrow.

Update: I got the call to the painter lady done. But I did tell her, if she's interested in giving us a bid on the house painting, we are still tweaking that budget and if it turns out we are not impressed with the painting of the shop, we may want to see if we can work in her bid, instead.


  1. Building has to be stressful, but the tangible finished product also very exciting and done just how you want it. Very mixed blessing!

    1. We had (naively, apparently) thought our shop would get started by April 1st (we got loan March 20th). Be done in 60 or so days and we would have had our house on the market 2 months earlier than we did, trying to time a closing with being able to move into the shop. Ah....plans. LOL