Thursday, June 1, 2017

A nice visit and other stuff

I received a text this morning from the realtor who handled our transactions here. He was on his way to town to do a new listing he just got, so of course I told him to stop by and say hi, if he had time. He is just the sweetest guy. He's very good looking (like a model out of a magazine good looking) - and if he wasn't gay I'd probably have a crush on him (oh, who am I kidding - I do have a little old lady crush on him LOL). He hasn't seen our place since we moved in and fix it up a bit (though we are friends on Facebook, so he's seen some of my pictures). He works in the city, so it's about a 45 minute drive out here. He had a guy stop by his office yesterday, that bought this house in town about a year or so ago, and wants to sell (getting divorce) so realtor agreed to come out today to get the listing set up. He said he had asked if the place was ready for pics, etc and was told yes. He  got there this morning and said "um NO, it's not" LOL.  He said he kindly suggested getting it ready to show for listing photos. So, he's going to have to make another trip out here. He said our house now has some great curb appeal and like what we had done with it.

Now, DD's BF's mom is saying it's not the hotel they owe extra for, it's for the van they rented for all 7 of them- it ended up costing more. Who knows. I guess BF is paying her.

We continue to plug away at somehow/someday resolving the renter neighbor issue. Yesterday the 7 days was up, from the developer giving the home owner 7 days to abide by the covenants (or he will seek other alternatives, ie. legal means). It certainly doesn't appear from any outward appearances that 1) it's getting cleaned up - still a junk vehicle and lots of car parts in the driveway and next to house and still the loud working on cars until early morning hours OR 2) they have been told to move out. Why water the lawn if you have been told you have to move out?

Last night DH talked to our good friend, who is a paralegal in the nearby city. We emailed her copies of the covenants and the letters that the developer sent out last week. She is doing some checking for us and will talk with one of the attorneys at her office about it.

From her initial research she has two items she will verify with the attorney. One is that our covenants state these homes will be "single-family" residences. She said under our state's law a "single-family" residence is defined as an "owner-occupied residence". So, that is interesting!  But I'd be surprised if that was really true. The other thing (and the developer alluded to this) is since the development is still in process, only he can enforce the covenants and it doesn't appear we'd have a basis to enforce legally, directly with the home owner. We'd have to take legal action against the developer to enforce the covenants.

Again, she is going to check on this more and have one of the attorney's call DH to discuss our options. At this point it sounds like just keeping pressure on the developer is going to be our only option. Thankfully he seems willing to take care of it, though it will probably be a long process, that we will be tired of long before it gets resolved. When you aren't living with an issue 24/7 it's not usually a priority. At the rate this development is going  - he'll be in charge of it forever LOL. He started this in 2005. These two houses were built in 2007 and since then nothing else has gone on in this development. He does have the other 6 lots for sale, still, after all these years. My boss said the development she lives in has like 24 homes and finally the last house was built/sold and the developer was finally able to sign off responsibility to the HOA.

One of the things DH overheard when he was sitting on our porch (they don't talk quietly LOL) was the wife talking to someone (he wasn't sure if she was on the phone or just talking to someone there with her) Monday evening, saying that the 5 year old needs to be at school by 8am the next morning (which was for Tuesday morning) - if he misses anymore days he's going to have to repeat Kindergarten next year! OMG. how hard is it to make sure your kid gets to school everyday? I know he missed at least a couple of days the last few weeks (or was very late) when the older daughter with the 2 kids moved in and it was her job to get him to school. She apparently didn't wake up in time. Our other neighbor works at the school and said one day a couple weeks ago the older sister called the office 40 minutes after school started, wondering why, when she went to drop him off, no on was outside...."um.....because school started 40 minutes ago?!"  It then looked like no one took the kid to school on Tuesday morning.....

So, last night we were chatting again with our neighbor across the field - her first question was what the heck is all that grinding noise going on like at 10:30 at night? We told her it's the renter guy grinding and cutting on metal and it's going on until like 1 or 2 am. She wasn't hearing it after that because she goes to bed and their bedroom is on the other side of their house.  She also said that the 5 year old is not in Kindergarten, he's in preschool and that ended last Friday, so what the heck was the mom talking about telling someone they needed to make sure he got to school by 8am the next morning or he'd have to do Kindergarten over? Is she that clueless of a parent that she didn't even know he was done with school for the year (and not even in Kindergarten)? So strange.

Then she told us another interesting tidbit about them...last Fall/Winter the boy shows up to school with 5 cigarette lighters, some bullets and what she is about 99% sure was a roach clip. They called the mom to come over to the school for a talk. We live a block away from the took her 45 minutes to get there. They show her the stuff and she promptly says that the clip was a hair clip from her daughters hair things that got broken off. Ya right............They are such crappy parents and those kids are just starving for any attention. That's the reason the previous owners put up the fence because the kids would literally be at their house 24/7 if they let them.

I'm not a gossipy person  - ok, well on here it sounds like I am, but I don't repeat stuff around other people - especially in this small town! My boss always tells me secret work stuff because she knows I will tell no one, but just trying to give you an idea of what these neighbors are like.


  1. I feel sorry for y'all but I also feel so sorry for the child next door.

    1. we feel sorry for the kiddos too. This is not an exaggeration, in the 7 months we have lived here we have not seen the dad spend 1 minute giving the kids any attention. He's gone from 6am to 10pm and the time he is home he's outside working on his junk and telling them to stop bothering him. It's awful

  2. Anne in the kitchen said well. When those kids grow up, there is only a slight possibility that they will be better than their parents. They will most likely be equally bad.

    I wish you all the patience in the world so that, you can endure this till the issue is sorted out.

    1. The neighbor that works at the school says its very common in this county. She gets so mad seeing all the parents who can afford their cigarettes and tattoos, nails done, etc., but their kid is stealing ketchup packets because she's hungry at home. She says she finally had to tell herself she's doing it all for the kids (the grants and stuff she applies for) and maybe some of them will grow up and realize there is a better way to live than their parents.