Monday, June 5, 2017

Cars, sun, prizes and dirt work

We had a pretty good weekend. Saturday we went to a car show. Our friend brought his old car and entered it, so since he was entered we ended up spending the whole day and to keep him company. His wife is always off doing her own stuff, so she never joins him in anything much that he wants to do. The nice part is that it was only like a mile from our house, and I was able to run back home mid day and let the dogs out for a few minutes.  The weather was a bit hot (85) for me (and DH) but we were able to find shade to sit it for most of it, though I did get a little sun burned. It was free to look at everything, though we did buy some raffle tickets and lunch for $7 total. And we won a raffle prize! A Ford clock, hat and t-shirt. Funny, that is the raffle DH wanted to win, too. There was also a booth set up for the town historical society/museum and they were selling some books on history of the area, so we purchased a couple of their books. Friend won a $50 gift certificate to a restaurant.

We also had plans to meet up that afternoon with same friend's (with the old car) brother in law out at our property to look at him doing the site work.  He was running late, but the car show wasn't over and we were still waiting on if friend might win something and some raffle drawings, so DH ran out to the property and met up. About 20 minutes later the car show got done, so I rode with friend (in his neat old car) out to our property to meet up with DH and his brother in law. It sounds like between him getting the equipment, and him, friend and DH doing the work with it, we can get it done for about $6,000 - that's for getting the land cleared, lots of dirt moved, driveway put in and pad for house and shop. Looking to do this probably July or August. I don't have that much moola saved yet, anyway.

Our neighbor guy at our property was at the car show, volunteering at a booth. We chatted with him awhile. I just love him. He's so happy and funny. He's aware of our renter neighbor problem, in fact the renter wife worked where he does and he said was a problem the whole time. He said he was telling her a year ago to find a new job somewhere because she was rude to the patients and other employees and was always in a bad mood. He said he even told her he'd give her a glowing review (and deal with the possible consequences later), just so she would take a new job. He said he was very happy when she finally quit recently and went to work somewhere else.

This brother in law of our friend is also a pilot and has a small plane he keeps at the tiny airport nearby. DH is friends with him on Facebook and he has posted some neat video of flying over our area and somehow before it had come up that while DH is too chicken to fly in a little airplane like that I would LOVE to go up there.  Well, as we were standing there he says to me that he's having some maintenance done on his plane, but should have it back next week and did I want to go up for a ride sometime soon? I was like "REALLY?!!  You bet!". So, that should be happening sometime soon and I'm beyond excited.

By the time we left our property it was like 6pm and we were both tired from the long day walking around looking at all the cars, the sun and walking over our 2 acres and we just stopped at the restaurant for a quick dinner. We both crashed and took a nap and then it was almost time for bed, haha.

We didn't do much at all yesterday, both took naps around noon and just relaxed.  Neighbors were fairly quiet most of the weekend. Friday night guy was out in his garage painting something with automotive paint, as that kind of has a distinctive smell. The wife left Friday morning and was gone all weekend and we have not seen their 2 kids all last week,  though while his one daughter with the 2 little ones appeared to have moved out on Memorial Day, two days later another young woman, also with 2 little kids appeared to have moved in. We are guessing it's another one of his grown kids (he has 6 kids total). Last night, just before midnight there was all kind of car doors slamming for about a half an hour. It was the (latest) girl with the two kids and the daughter that just graduated, apparently loading stuff in their cars Then they both drove off in their cars.  The wife finally came back this morning and then she and the guy left together in his truck. In the 7 months we've lived here I think that is like the first time we have ever seen them go somewhere together. Doesn't that seem odd? He has Monday's off. Still no sign of their 2 kids. DH joked "hey, maybe they are going to look at some new place to rent!"  HA! not likely, but we can wish, right?

The developer replied back to my email from Friday. Says he has received no response from the home owner or the renters from his letters. In my email I had also mentioned to him that the attorney being consulted with is checking more into it, but thought that since he's still the developer, he'll be responsible for enforcing the covenants, absent a provision in the covenants, otherwise. He had actually told DH he thought that was the case, the first time DH talked to him. Now, in his email he's saying he wasn't aware that he is responsible for enforcing them. Good grief. I wanted to reply back, what was the point of you giving her 7 days to comply, if you aren't going to do anything now that it's been almost 2 weeks? Again, good grief.  I see from his address he lives in a nice neighborhood (in a different city) where they obviously would have covenants/HOA..he wouldn't put up with it next door to where he lives. Everyone we talk to about it is just like why don't they just move somewhere where they have the land space (to park/store all the crap) and ability to live like they want (like a junkyard)? There are lots of places, in between here and where they work, that offers that kind of lifestyle, if that's what you are looking for. Most areas around here do not have restrictive covenants.

Last night we got some needed rain, which also helped cool things down, well, at least until tomorrow LOL. when it will be up to 80 again.


  1. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. I don't mind flying but I am not a big fan of small planes either!

    1. I haven't flown in a small plane since I was a kid. I'm sure I'll be a little nervous, especially landing, but the mountain views are going to be amazing

  2. Sooner you than me in that small plane, it just doesn't do it for me. When I was in St. Lucia I did a tour of the island in a helicopter and while it was fine I don't think I ever want to go up in one again. Not my thing. Oddly enough I zip-lined over 1,200 metres at a height of 500 metres though - weird I guess. Anna