Sunday, August 3, 2014

Weekend wrap up

It's been a spendy weekend.  I've tried to eek out some savings every where I could. I've cooked dinners at home the last 3 nights....well sorta "cooked". It's been too hot to want to spend too much time in the kitchen. DH and I were on our own Fri and Sat for dinner, so I picked some things up at the store that were easy. Friday was clam chowder soup (from the deli) in breadbowls, Saturday was french dip sandwiches, using sliced roast beef from the deli and tonight was hamburgers and hot dogs BBQ'd on the grill.

Saturday morning I went grocery shopping and used some coupons for the first time in quite awhile and saved about $6.  Then I filled my car up with gas. I still had about a 1/3 of a tank left, but we were planning to put about 140 miles of driving on it Saturday: a quick trip to a friends house about 35 miles away and a 70 mile round trip the other direction to pick up DD at the airport last night, so I got it filled up and had .20 cents gas rewards, so I saved $2 on that.

After we made our first trip in the car and got back home we then took DH's truck to Home Depot for the rest of the wood and lattice for the arbor and went ahead and got the wood for the covered part he wants to put over the back french doors. I had purchased a discounted gift card on Friday, but not knowing we were going to end up getting the wood for the other project, I only bought one for $150. But, it was at a 20% discount, so I am happy with $30 saved! Plus I used my debit rewards card to purchase the gift card and will earn another 1% cash back.  Better than just walking in the store and paying the full price, eh?!

Today DD and I went to Petco for the one dog's high dollar food. $60 with tax and I had also purchased a discounted gift card for there, saving 12%, or about $7. We also got our other dogs nails trimmed and while waiting for that I noticed the big huge bag of Beggin' Strips was $5.49. The cheapest I usually see it is Walmart at almost $9, so $3.50 saved there.

The arbor is coming along.  We got all the lattice up, which was actually quite a chore, since it's all trimmed out all around it with trim pieces of board. Quite time consuming. It was very hot out today and that makes me tired to be out in it for long periods of time. I am beat! But very happy with how it is coming along :-)

This past week I've been in a Netflix binge of watching all the seasons of Hell on Wheels. DH has always watched it, but I never have, and the new season was starting Saturday night. I tried to get the whole 3 seasons in this past week but still have about 3 episodes left of Season 3. Maybe tonight I can finish the rest and then watch the episode of the new season on demand this week.  Then I'll be all ready to watch it with DH on Saturday nights.


  1. Looking awesome. Don't you love when a plan comes together and turns out well?