Friday, August 15, 2014

Savings all over the place

I seem to have been finding savings here and there through different avenues. This month I started keeping track of how much I have saved with these various methods. So far it's added up to $106.05!

Here's the details:
Walmart Savings Catcher (2 receipts so far)   $14.32
Discounted Giftcards  $45.09
1% cashback earned from July purchases on PayPal debit card     $20.61
Coupons used   $16.03
$10 reward from Plink   $10.00 (forgot I even had this account! it's a slow earner for me, so I cashed it in for a $10 Walmart e-giftcard)

Plus I have earned points in Swagbucks (768) and MyPoints (115), but I have not cashed them in. I will most likely wait until it's closer to Christmas gift shopping time and build up as much as I can. I haven't cashed in the Walmart Savings either. I'll let that build up too, for Christmas gifts.

All of these savings avenues have been really easy to incorporate into my daily/weekly life.  I log into on Friday mornings and purchase my Walmart (and any other shopping I know I might be doing in the coming week, which so far has been lots of Home Depot) discounted gift cards. I love this company because the giftcards are printable e-cards that I don't have to wait for in the mail. My 3 stores I typically buy discounted cards for are Walmart (3.5%), Home Depot (usually around 11%) and Petco (20%).  I'm sure I will buy even more during Christmas shopping season. I get my coupons together that go with my weekly grocery shopping list. I go grocery shopping either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.  Get home and enter my receipt # in Walmart Savings Catcher (take a whole 30 seconds or so).

The 1% cashback from my PayPal debit card is pretty automatic. I just use it and pay whatever bills I can with it and it automatically gets credited to my account. I have been getting back $20-$25 per month.

I spend about 15 minutes a day earning Swagbucks. For whatever reason I seem to qualify for surveys quite often. I try to pick the ones that are less than 15 minutes. On weekend mornings, when I know I'll have more time, I'll try for the longer/higher paying surveys. Even if I don't quailify, you can earn up to 5 swagbucks a day just for trying each survey.

MyPoints I just log into my yahoo email that I have set up for that and open the emails that have offers and earn the 5pts for each email. Occasionally, if I buy something online I will go through MyPoints and earn extra points. Takes just a couple of minutes per day.

I'm sure there are lots of other ways to earn points. I would love to hear ways you have found to add to your savings!

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