Friday, August 1, 2014

Weekend ready

Is it Friday already? This week flew by.  I'm glad it's payday today, though I had a bit of a hiccup for a few minutes on whether I was going to get paid today for my side job, or have to wait until midweek for a check to arrive. Since I do the books, I have checks for the company. I used to pay all their bills from here, but the past several months, the part-time receptionist (who is one of the owner's wife) has been paying most of their bills via online. But, I send the owner a copy of my invoice at the first of each month, just so he can see it, he emails me back a "good to go" and I print myself a check and deposit it.  So today, when he emails me my "good to go" email he cc'd the office manager, who emails back and says to send her the invoice, so they can pay me. I was like "umm...has something changed? I've always just printed the check myself". For about 10 minutes, while I was waiting to hear back from her, I was annoyed, because I had plans for some of that money - tomorrow! LOL. We want to work on our cedar arbor some more and was waiting for that money to buy the rest of the materials.  She emailed back and said "no problem, she wasn't aware that's how it worked to pay me".

So, here is the arbor we started two weekends ago!

it's going to look something like this one, just a bit smaller:
DH is not sure yet if he's going to make a swing or just put a bench in.  We're thinking bench.  When we are done I'm going to stain/seal it so it has that pretty cedar color, like in the example. I'm going to plant some seeds for climbing sweet peas next spring and try my luck at that.  If not, it will probably end up like the one in the example - pots with some tall flowers. I am definitely going to put the hanging baskets on each end.  So pretty!

So, that's what our weekend plans are - a trip to Home Depot  and me being Toolman's assistant.  Saturday night a trip to the airport to pick up DD.....who has been having a blast. Yesterday she got to zipline and loved it.  DS had a mid-week race and was the winner, so that was a good phone call to get! He's not getting to race near what he had hoped/planned this season (typical race/sponsor bullcrap he's dealing with) but has managed 2 wins and a 2nd place finish in about 7 races. Half of his races scheduled have rained out, so it's been another frustrating season.

Enjoy the weekend and I hope to update at weekend's close with a more completed arbor :-)


  1. That looks great! A question (from someone who knows nothing about building things): would it have been easier to stain the wood before building it? Or is that just a dumb thing to do?

    1. Yes, we thought of that too.... After we got started. We're kinda dumb about building!

    2. No, not at all! You're just very excited to get going on it after wanting it so long.