Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday update

I feel boring lately and can't think of anything interesting or exciting to talk about!

Work is just plugging along, as always. My new raise went into effect on last week's paycheck, so that was nice. With all the other pay adjusting I did, it was kind of hard to see the effect. I added $55 withdrawal for FSA, removed the $25 deduction for the kids dental insurance - plus both of those are before taxes, so not quite the same amounts, net. Then add back in my $100 per paycheck raise.  Taking taxes into consideration on the health stuff - I'm getting about an extra $74 per paycheck.  Plus, when purchasing prescriptions and doctor co-pays, etc. I get to use my FSA card and not pay out of pocket, so basically getting back $110 a month from the FSA.......WHEN I remember to use it! I went and picked up one of DH's monthly prescriptions yesterday for $28 and forgot to pay using the FSA debit card.Sigh......

When DH gets interested in something new he always go all out with it. Probably part of his OCD tendencies. He hasn't gotten really interested in anything for awhile (Facebook, probably being the last thing a few years ago) but now his new hobby is guns. It's all guns now. He talks about them, reads about them, watches you tube videos about them, talks to his friends who are gun enthusiasts (quite a few of them are, actually). We now own 3 guns. 2 used ones and one new one.  The first gun was the home defense shot gun which he bought from Craigslist for $500 and from what he's reading and his friends say, he got a really good deal, since it came with a lot of extras. This was back in November and was paid for out of our general monthly money - money that typically goes towards home and garden stuff, but with it being winter, expenses have been low and I had the extra money. The 2nd gun was a small, conceal carry pistol that he purchased new for $450. This was used out of my bonus money. Then last week, while we were at the shooting range/gun store the guy told him of this used gun they just got in that was a good deal (of course). It was so clean and the guy said it probably only had one magazine shot through it. It was $650 and their new ones were $1000. It was one DH had looked at when buying his other pistol, but decided against it due to the price. We decided to buy it, though DH is thinking he might try to sell it and see if he can make a little on it. 

All in all, I'm just looking at these purchases as shifting my money from savings to an investment. Still assets we own and from all I can gather, they definitely hold their value. At least he's finally spending money on something that holds it's value. DH and I talked yesterday and he is now on a moratorium on gun buying for at least the next 6 months. But, boy, all the accessories sure add up! And gun ammo is hard to find. The night we went to the range was free ladies night, so DD and I were free to use the range. We tried DH's 2nd gun purchase out. I'm still not too comfortable or good at it. DD is amazing! She picked that gun up and shot within the target circle every shot but one. Three of her shots were practically right on top of each other.

DS still has no news on his work visa (it's ridiculous, eh?) but has been working on several large website deals he made. One for $5000 and another for $4000, so I think he'll be ok while he's waiting for the work visa. He got a $2000 down payment on the $4000 website last week (so he bought snow tires that he got a great deal on for $400) and should be done with the website in the next few weeks and get the balance. The company on the $5000 website is almost ready to launch in the next week or so, and then he will get paid his $5000.

That's all I've got.......oh and I get to turn 50 this year! Wow....


  1. Just wait until the expense of ammo becomes even more uncomfortable or your DH discovers reloading. I found that was when the immersion into the hobby really escalated. It has saved us a lot of money through the years, but reloading equipment is not cheap and it does require its own real estate in the house or garage.

    1. do I even want to know what reloading is? LOL. It's all new terminology to me.

  2. My Dad was really into guns and when I was little, I went to the gun shows. It is a whole new world! Reloading is putting more "fire" in the shell. The ball and powder, to be very vague, goes into the shell. That is why is called reloading.

    I love shooting and own 2 guns, but my husband does not like them.

    Congratulations on the raise! Our old insurance company sent us checks if we did not use the FSA card. I hope BCBS does that as well!

    1. Thanks for the explanation. I doubt DH will do the reloading - I think it would be too much using his hands to do that. If he does too much he cramps up and is in even more pain. Doing a small motor skills thing like that doesn't work for him very well anymore.

      You are lucky you get your unused FSA back! Every plan I have ever been on says use it or lose it. Though this year we get to rollover unused - I think it said up to $500.