Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend recap

Yesterday wasn't much of a productive day for me. I spent the morning on the computer, reading blogs, while everyone else slept in (well, except for Ds, he was up and gone by 8:30 am).  Then I went to Target to get a few things.  I did pick up 2 good deals with coupons:  2 boxes 35 ct. UP dryer sheets for $.36 ea and some reach dental floss that was free after coupon. - made up for the expensive John Frieda shampoo and conditioner Dd bought!  She has thick, curly, hard to manage hair and this stuff works for her so that's what we get her.  We do usually try to only buy it during sales and w/coupons.

I did finally get one of my small "to-do" list things done.  I cleaned out the small linen closet in the bathroom the kids use.  It was stuffed with years of unused bedding and some small floor rugs. I'll bet I got rid of half of what was in there! And now I had room to put my Thanksgiving and Christmas table covers, placemats and napkins and still have room left.

Other than that I finished a book on my Nook reader and started a new one (downloaded from library).  I did order a pizza and breadsticks for Saturday night (I was having a pizza craving).  That totaled $15 and fed 5 of us.  We have pizza once every 2 months or so and the pizza place is about a mile away. I had always had it delivered but realized I could save $4 by picking it up myself - $2 for the delivery fee and $2 on the tip. 

I am about $70 over on my food budget for this pay period, but most of that is due to the dog food I bought (I didn't really need more until next pay period) and the other things I stocked up on.  I am hoping to see the result of this spending reduce what I spend down the road.  Stocking up takes time so I might be over budget for another month or so.

Back to work this week - a full 5 days - how will I manage! ;-)  The past 3 weeks have all been partial weeks. I am ready for it to be Spring.

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  1. Good job on the decluttering, makes you feel so god after getting rid of some "stuf" doesn't it?! $15 for pizza isn't bad, the frozen we buy adds up to that..! Good luck with your budget this week!