Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow and boyfriends

The big news to happen in our little household this weekend is that Dd went on a date with a boy from school and so now she has a boyfriend! Dh is having a hard time letting his little girl go....and is acting like a real redneck in the process. The sad part of it all is she is so totally trustworthy and mature that I know it makes her feel bad that her dad is acting like this, but she is also strong-willed and is going to grow up whether he likes it or not!  She has been friends with this boy for 3 years, so it's not like she just met him, though he is a year older than her. 

We're a bit snowed in today with more on the way apparently.  I decided to work from home today (and probably will end up tomorrow, too) rather than spend 2-3 hours trying to get to work and then end up leaving early because more snow is predicted early this afternoon.  I would not want to get stuck in it 40 miles from home.  Not sure we want Ds out driving in this to go to work - like Dh said - his $12/hr part-time-seasonal job isn't worth wrecking a car over, especially since he has to do a lot of driving around to different offices for his job. The roads are pretty icy this morning and it only takes a few minutes of hard snow to mess up the roads (at least in this neck of the woods, where it's hilly and we don't get much snow).  On Saturday Dd and I were walking into Walmart and a few flakes started coming down. We were literally in the store 5 minutes and when we came out it was snowing like crazy and the roads were already covered. We only had a mile to go home bit still lost traction trying to get up a little incline on one of our side streets.

At least a day like today makes it easy to stay out of a store, so no spending. I anticipated the snow they were predicting and made sure I got my groceries stocked up for this week, though I should have bought more milk.  When everyone is home they drink it up fast.


  1. Poor Dh. Poor Dd too. Hopefully they can work somethinG out. Congrats to Dd though!

  2. Aren't dads funny? It's difficult to let the kids go though isn't it? My spouse is better than me at that :) Drive carefully.

  3. I think it's always harder for Dads of daughters to realize that they are not their baby girls any more. It's different with boys!! I swear, with boys it's harder on Moms :)

  4. Boys are definitely easier - though I think it would've been harder on me if my son had had lots of girlfriends. He's still with his high school sweetheart, almost 3 years :-) I told Dd once she gets past this "shock" to dad of her first boyfriend, it should get easier.