Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday mutterings

It's been a pretty boring week so far.  I got up earlier this morning so I could get some work done for my side-job - with the holidays and such I'm a bit behind on paperwork.  I made a pretty good dent in it and will hit it hard again on Friday morning for a couple of hours. 

When I grocery shopped for the week, there were 2 meals I had planned that were out of stock at the store.  One was a pre-made "skillet meal" and the other was a pork roast kit.  I was just going to get the stuff to make the pork roast and veggies from "scratch" but Dd said it wouldn't taste as good (huh, so much for my cooking!)  So, on my way home from work yesterday I am realizing I really don't have anything for dinner the next 2 nights.  I contemplated fast food and then pulled into a grocery store parking lot instead and picked up the skillet meal and some rolls.  Spent $6.68 and we still have enough rolls for another meal.  At least that was a little cheaper than fast food.  Looking through the cupboard today, I am just going use up some chili in the cupboard and make chili dogs and cornbread. 

I got my electricity bill for December and had another month lower than budgeted! I budgeted this month (and January) the highest, at $325, but it came in at $272.  Maybe the caulking we did to paint the house did help out or probably it's just because we've hard a very mild winter.  I might end up lower on the cost of Ds's textbooks, too.  I am still waiting for him to figure out what he needs for sure.  One of his instructors has an e-book he let him use for free, so that saved $50, but one of the other classes books might end up being $50 more than I planned.  I budgeted for an e-book price, but he might end up getting the actual book.  He needs to get this figured out pronto, as his classes started this week.

Ds job is going well and he is getting a lot of hours the past month - nearly 40 each week.  When hired he was told he'd get about 25-30 hours.  Plus, he was hired by one of the company's franchise owners to do their IT work for his handful of offices he owns(I guess the franchise office owners have to pay their own IT support) and will get a few extra hours/money from that.  These offices are right in our area, so will be close to home on that work.

I got on the ball today and made Dd's sports physical appointment for this month.  I'm usually such a procrastinator that I'd forget and have to do it last minute.  She doesn't need it until the end of Feb, when tennis tryouts start, so I am happy I got it set up and it will be out of the way long before tennis starts. I'm sure she'll make the team - she made varsity as a freshman last year, so odds are good :-) Our new insurance covers physicals, so at least I won't be out of pocket any on that. Now I just have to make the call to the Oral Surgeon to have a consult on getting her wisdom teeth out.  That I will have to pay partial for - I think 30% (ouch), if I recall correctly from what I paid on Ds - I think I had to pay around $900....but Dd only has 3 wisdom teeth in her head, so should be a bit cheaper.  I'm tempted this time to "shop around" for a better price, but this doctor is really good and Ds's went so well, he didn't even end up with any bruising and very little swelling after having 4 impacted teeth removed.

I also need to get myself into my doctor's office for a cholesterol check. I should have done it last month and just keep putting it off.  I plan to do it tomorrow morning before I head up to work.  I promise.

I got a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card using MyPoints, so I could buy something to read on my Nook....and now I have absolutely no idea what to buy!  Buying books seems like such a waste of money to me, when I can borrow from library. But, I was all excited to have my new Nook and wanted to shop with it, so I used my points to get the gift card.  Now that I've downloaded some books to it from the library and gotten a couple of the free ones from B&N I'm not so antsy to shop online.  So, I guess I'll let the $10 sit there until something comes up I just really want.

That's my week, so far.

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