Friday, January 27, 2012

A long week

It's been a long week for me.  Tuesday night I got hit with a stomach flu or something.  After there was nothing left of my insides I crawled back in bed only to hear the wind howling to beat all and then of course our power went out.....for another 10 hours.  Third time in a week.  I took a sick day Wednesday but HAD to get payroll processed and transmitted, but no power.  Dh hooked up the generater and IT boy hooked up the modem (we have Comcast, which luckily was still working) and I had internet.  Got the payroll done and went back to bed.

One of my "goals" is to not procrastinate so much and it paid off that day, as I had already completed the bulk of the payroll while at work on Tuesday.  It was an "extra" type of payroll as I also had to input all our bonus's for any unused sick days during 2011.  I also go our state business tax return completed on Tuesday, that was due Wedneday. I am so glad I didn't put these off until Wednesday, as I sure wouldn't have felt like doing them!

On a good note, I found out the results of my cholesterol recheck after 4 months of taking a supplement to see if it would help and am so happy that my cholesterol is down down in normal range! It had been 240.  My doctor told me to just keep taking the supplements and we'll check again at my yearly appointment in  August.

I am glad it's Friday and am ready for a weekend and also some normal routines again.


  1. I had the stomach flu this week, but I'm finally feeling better!

    1. Forgot to say, so feel better soon! It's absolutely horrible

  2. Thank you - glad you are feeling better too!

  3. Ugh, looks like this stuff is going around. Get better soon!

  4. Wow we're all sick! Not good. May I ask which 'anti' cholesterol supplement are you taking? Glad you were able to get your numbers down into the normal range :)

  5. Quest - my doctor is having me take Red Yeast Rice pills. I tried changing my diet the first time my cholesterol tested borderline high. When I went back in for my next annual physical it actually went up more, to 240. My dr said my cholesterol level is probably more heredity related than food related. She wanted me to try the Red Yeast Rice before putting me on a prescription statin med. Along with that I have lowered my cholesterol food intake a bit, trying to help with dh's cholesterol, but when I tracked my cholesterol mg's in food when I was "borderline" I was usually taking in the less than 200 mg recommended, so I don't think food is causing it much in my case. With my dh (who was over 300 cholesterol level) the doctor said the Red Yeast Rice wouldn't bring it down enough so he put him on Crestor.