Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back from the dark

Boy, I get out of a routine of blogging for a few days and it's seems hard to get back!  We had no power for 2 hours on Wednesday and then from Thursday morning we were out for almost 24 hours.  There are still lots of people in our area that don't have their power back on yet.  Ds' s girlfriend still didn't have it last night. was cold, too!  We were dumb not to plan ahead and fill the tub or some water buckets with water so we could flush our toilets, as we lose water, too, when the power goes out.  We do have a generator and that sure was nice to plug in a couple of space heaters (though they weren't keeping up with the cold too much) and tv/dvd and a lamp. 

I still spent money :-(  A  trip to the only gas station open in the area (that corner had power, for some reason) and a LONG wait in line to fill up 3 gas cans for extra generator gas (they were predicting we'd be without power for several days) and just get snacks to eat.  When you are cold and hungry it's easy to just buy whatever sounds good, LOL.  Dd got a smart idea and we hooked up our little coffee maker to the generator power cord and heated up water for hot chocolate.  My boss and her husband were smart (and lucky they can afford it) - they went and found one of the few hotel rooms left.

The 2 closest grocery stores were still without power yesterday and running on generators. I was getting worried about getting one of dh's prescriptions picked up. He took his last pill on Thursday and the store was still closed.  They got back open on generator Friday, so I was able to pick up, but the store was so crowded and very few checkers so I skipped doing the full grocery shopping I needed and just picked up a few more things.  Yesterday I was able to get all my grocery shopping done and spent $150, still pretty close in my budget.  It's been hard getting around as still so many sections of the main road without power so the traffic is all backed up at the lights as four way stops (this is buys 4 lane road) and the lights that did have power were just flashing red, so no help there.

Hopefully we will get back to normal soon, I'm tired of this.


  1. Sorry about the power outages, I hate that!

  2. I feel sorry for you having to deal with no power and cold weather :( Sounds miserable. Hope you get the lights on soon.