Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A Wednesday that feels like a Monday

The appraiser just came to look at our house, so that is now done. DH found an electrician who can come next week. He said it would take 2 days. DH talked to several. Of course, all of them, including the one who will be doing it, is gouging us because they know we don't have a choice now. One guy was DOUBLE what our original electrician bid for the WHOLE job (of which he was 75% done and paid for that part!).

The first electrician's widow is being very helpful. She also told DH today that her husbands business insurance company said something about being insured for the jobs he was in process with, so it sounds like, at some point, she/we may get some money back, which would help tremendously, since we are having to pay so much now.

The interior painting of the shop was completed yesterday, so now ready for electrician. The septic/drain field got started yesterday, should be done today. They put the well pump in Monday and are testing for leaks today.

DH keeps waking me up in the middle of the night to tell me what time he needs the alarm set (because he won't do it himself). He woke me up at 3am (because he got up to go to the bathroom) to say he was getting up at 5am. well, then I tossed and turned for 2 hours. I said either tell me when I'm going to bed or at least tell me when you come to bed (like 10:30pm). Geez. Now, it's 11am and I am sooo tired.

This cabinet lady is ridiculous. Her story on Monday is she's having computer problems and can't get to her files. She emailed me this morning that she's now waiting on Geek Squad to come help her so it probably won't be until next week she can get me the new layout drawn up. I emailed back and said at this point I'm mostly concerned with the cost, can she at least give me an estimate now, even if she can't do the layout design yet? I would think she could at least manually figure out a close estimate.

I called the propane company. Tank is getting low and we are on a fill as needed service and probably due for a fill up soon. I told them to hold off, as the new home owner can fill and pay for it after he moves in.

I think for starting in October I am going to switch DH to just a catastrophic type health insurance. The penalty is supposed to be going off after this year, plus I read if you have Obamacare insurance for at least 9 months you don't have to pay the penalty. I understand these other "non-Obamacare" plans are short term (3-12 months) but it looks like you can renew (or find a different company plan?). At least maybe I can do it for a year and if I don't like it can switch back to Obamacare for the following year, during sign ups. I guess I really thought this President and Republican controlled house and senate would fix this, but obviously they aren't. I'm tired of paying this much for crap insurance. I'll be doing some more checking into these plans in the next couple of months (ya...with all my free time...). If any reader has experience with these types of plans, comment your thoughts.


  1. I hope you do end up getting some money back from your electrical work. Sounds like at least you are making a little more progress. As for insurance, I have no suggestions. I still have faith that health care will see some positive changes under our current administration. Even just going back to pre ACA would be an improvement....can you tell I'm still irked at what that did to my own health care!

  2. oh, I completely understand being irked about it! I am too. So disappointed in all those politicians who ran on repealing it and then backed out.

  3. I think that an adult that has a disability that is not going to improve can get Medicare. You paid for it. Use it.

    I think I would have a talk with the new electrician, telling him about the price and that it is paid for and 3/4 done AFTER he finishes. Just let him know you know you are being gouged and that you cannot recommend him. You want me to do it for you? I can be nice and cut at the same time. This is making me angry for you.

    Are you sure about the cabinet lady? Could she be putting you in a position were you have to go with her, take what she offers, and at any price?

    1. We tried, twice to get disability years ago. They said he could work 2 hours per day. He was self employed (not incorporated) and went thru some years we were showing loss on business, so no income to him. By the time it got worse (and he hadn't worked a few years by then) he was then out of ss credits. They can't diagnose what is wrong, so there was no way to get disability. I consulted an attorney several years ago. These electricians don't care. they have plenty of work. it's take it or leave it. They know we are stuck and so they are all gouging the price. The cabinet lady gave us a quote months ago, but we changed the layout and removed the center island. I just want a darn quote out of her that reflects the changes we made and have been waiting 4 months for her to do it! We weren't in a hurry back then and I wasn't pressing her because I didn't think it was going to take her long, once she finally got to it. Now she can't get to her computer files, I guess. I know the new price will be less, I just want to know how much, as well as the cabinet tops will be less. It just seems to be one thing after another. Even when we tried to do a lot of this way before starting to build!