Monday, April 16, 2018

Let's do a short week

I opened up a new post earlier this morning and realized I couldn't think of anything to say. LOL.  DH is out at the property. The builder's crew was out Friday for a few hours and basically got the footings for the shop done. When DH looked at his drone picture he realized the corner towards the house garage looked off a bit. We went out and re-measured and sure enough it was off about 10 inches. The corner opposite it was right on. DH couldn't figure out how that happened, but when he was out there again yesterday with his buddy they figured it out. They were measuring off our side property line, but it's not at an exact 90 degree line to the front of property line. Anyhow, they were able to fix it this morning, fairly easy, because they hadn't staked down all the boards, so all is good. It would have made a difference on how close it was to the corner of the garage and where our septic tank is fitting in between.

It rained too much last night for them to have the concrete poured on the shop, as planned, but now supposed to be tomorrow. They have been spending the rest of today putting in the house footings. This is the front entrance. DH likes to send me pics, which is nice.
As long as they are working something, that's all that matters. The builder told DH on Friday that from here on out, there should be at least some work going on every day. We'll see.....Good news is starting Wednesday the weather is supposed to take a turn for the better. Sunny days and 60 degrees or better for at least a week. The whole site will look a lot better when they can get the foundations backfilled and all the huge piles of dirt gone. It looks like a bomb went off on the property.

Here's a weird thing. When we went out there Friday after dinner we noticed they had just left tools and things just laying the open! Ok, I know this is a very low crime area, but still! Just leave a generator sitting there in plain site with a bunch of other tools? Saws, etc. Weird. DH decided to take that big waterfall pond shell we got and lay it over what  he could. Plus, why would they want all that to get rained on? I don't get it. I'm sure DH probably asked them about it today.

I found my egg cooker's measuring cup! I was looking for something else in my cupboards and found it. The last two times I tried to make hard boiled eggs (with guessing/googling how much water) the shells totally stuck to the eggs. I just tried making 4, as well as using the piercing point that is on the measuring cup to poke the eggs. They turned out perfect. Shells came off slick as a whistle.

I think I am taking off Thursday and Friday this week to use up some vacation days. I was going to take Friday and next Monday, but my boss, as well as our Project manager supervisor will be gone Monday. Someone needs to be available for doing Purchase Orders. I'm the main person, my boss is my back up and if we are both gone (rarely/sometimes) then the PM supervisor is the backup. So, with both of them gone Monday, I need to be available. I need to get into the city and get my blood drawn for cholesterol test as well as mammogram. Neither need an appointment, so they say, so I'll get that done one of those mornings and then get a bit of grocery shopping done. Most likely there will be some more building supplies DH will need to pick up took, anyway.


  1. Congrats on a short week and progress with the shop and house project. What brand of egg cooker do you have - I can't seem to hard boil eggs to save my life!

    1. It's a Cuisinart egg cooker. It was a gift from my mom several years ago.

  2. I know you are happy to see anyone working. The guys did not own all they left out. It belongs to the builder. I would ask the builder if he is not afraid of theft and rain ruining his equipment. Sort of tattle by asking a question.

    Don't you love finding things you need?

    1. as long as something is getting done every day DH will survive LOL. I was really happy to find my egg cooker measuring cup - and I found the other thing I was looking for too :)