Tuesday, April 3, 2018

I'll keep my own life, thank you

DH has always been the type of person who always thinks the grass is greener on the other side. And especially thinks all his life's problems would be solved if he was just rich. It's not greener on the other side and being rich does not insulate you from all of life's problems!

(multi)Millionaire friend sure looked tired and worn out when we saw and talked with him Friday afternoon. For one thing - it's a lot of work maintaining wealth! He's got a ton of things to keep track of and take care of. He said that ranch was costing him $100k a year to maintain. They have been living in a temporary condo (bigger than our house LOL) while they looked for a new house/property to buy. They bought a place, but found out a serious problem(s) that was not disclosed. So, back to looking. He said they found another place but the radon testing came out too high, so they backed out unless the owner wanted to mitigate it. Finally it all worked out, got mitigated and he told us on Saturday (we saw him again for a few minutes) they will be closing on that house now (only a 9,000 sf house....3000 sf of it is garage though).

And he's been dealing with a grandson who is on meth (and lives in another state). He's been trying to get him to go to treatment near here, so he and his wife can help him recover. The kids mom (I think the mom is his ex DIL, but maybe it's his daughter, I'm not sure) and her new husband are not helping. They think by smoking pot with the kid, they are helping him off the meth. OMG!  Friend said he has driven to where grandson is twice, recently, because he said he was ready to go and then he backs out and changes his mind. He also realizes that he cannot force him into rehab, it has to be his decision for any chance of it working. So, all the money in the world doesn't even fix problems like that. Sad.

And then there's DH's buddy - the one with the wife and teenager problems. He constantly complains how broke he is, but takes two days off work (apparently he doesn't get paid vacation time) to go on a trip to visit family for Easter. The other day he and DH were texting, joking about something to do with phones. He commented they pay $270 a month for phones so his wife and kids can be on Facebook. Again, as with their auto insurance rate, I'm like WTH?! Are they just stupid? He doesn't even have a smart phone and so they are paying that much a month for 3 smart phones and one old flip phone?

So, knowing a snow storm is expected and knowing they have 3 mountain passes to cross Sunday, they do not start their 8 hour drive home until evening. It's snowing like crazy at the first pass. Accidents and the pass ended up getting closed. They had to spend the night at a hotel somewhere.....(so now he's had to take a 3rd day off work) and then make their way over 2 more passes. It sounds like they were all stressed out, fighting, crying, whining teenagers, etc. Just dumbness, I tell ya!

And my mom....it was one of her Granddaughter's (my niece) birthday on Saturday. She called MY DD to wish her a happy birthday. At first DD thought maybe she just dialed wrong, but apparently she just got confused who's birthday it was. Just another sign of her brain aging.

My MIL finally got to go home from her hospital stay Sunday, so that was a week's stay. She is one tough old bird.


  1. Everyone out there has their own battle to fight. No life is perfect so I try to accept my imperfect one and do whatever I can to improve it. Yep, it is still imperfect.

    1. yup - that's why I don't really ever get jealous of someone else, because I know, even though it might look like it, their life isn't perfect either.

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