Monday, October 31, 2016

Clean up

We've (or mostly DH) has been keeping busy working on our projects. He and friend finished the electrical wiring to the shop (lights and outlets now) and we had a guy come Saturday and do spray foam insulation, so now DH will be able to get the trailer unloaded into the shop and then we can get that trailer sold.

A guy is on his way (was supposed to come last week) to give us an estimate to finish the chain link fencing.

So, a little update on the weeds in the alley.  As I mentioned there is still a strip of weeded area on the other side of the alley, across from our neighbor. DH didn't mow wasn't in our part of the alley. When he started to mow the part bordering us, there was a bunch of old lumber, some barbed wire, etc. He didn't know if our previous owner had dumped that there (wouldn't be surprised as he had a lot of junk like that to clean up around his shop) or the owner of the house on other side of alley dumped it there.

This morning 2 guys showed at the lady's house to start cleaning up that weeded area in the alley. OMG! I can't believe how much stuff was in there under all that weeds! They threw a HUGE pile of lumber over the fence, bank into her property. Filled up a pick up with old tires and crap and there was a dead coyote they pulled out of there! WTH!? It's not even really that large of an area. Not sure why she's suddenly having it cleaned up, but maybe she got the hint. It's very apparent, now seeing all the stuff that was in those weeds, that that homeowner had been using that area of the alley as their dumping ground for years.

Also, the neighbor right next door to us hauled some of his piling up crap out and also took his little dune buggy race car thing that's parked out in front of his property away on a trailer yesterday. I guess our previous owners had been trying to get him to clean that stuff up for quite awhile.

Looking better around here LOL.

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  1. Maybe they are embarrassed by your place! Good for you. Anna