Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Nothing's easy

Well, good grief! I need to do a wire transfer from my checking account to the Title Co, so we can complete our purchase of the land. They don't have this bank around here (closest is 100 miles away). I called to do the wire transfer. Nope! Can't do it over the phone, I have to be there in person...or I can do it online, but that limit is only $25,000, so that won't work.

So, you are telling me there is no way for me to get my money transferred? Ridiculous. Someone in Haiti can wipe out my bank account (last month) with no problem, but I can't have my own money wire transferred. Or, I can go over to a bank here in town, open up an account, get them to have my funds in Chase Bank electronically transferred (without me being at Chase in person) to my new account with them, but I can't get Chase to wire it directly where I want it wired?

I tried to get a hold of the manager at my branch, but of course he is out today. Then asked for a higher up manager to talk to. Someone called back and tried to tell me same thing, I can't do it, but now she is making some calls to see what can be done. RIDICULOUS. It's not like I can't provide them personal info that proves who I am and own the account.

Still haven't heard back. Most likely I'll have to tell Chase to take a hike after having this account for 35 years. Most likely our closing on this property is going to get delayed a couple of days now. Not really a big deal to me, but I'm sure the sellers won't appreciate it.


  1. well, it's about an hour and 15 min drive to nearest branch, so we are just going to do that first thing tomorrow morning. it would take a couple of days to have funds electronically transferred to a new bank here, so we'll just make the drive and be done with it. I called and talked to the mgr of that branch to verify that IN PERSON, with my ID and debit card/pin# I will have no problems getting this money wired.

    1. Maybe you should be prepared to give them blood!

      I was sitting in a bank with $7500 dollars in the bank that needed to go into another account I had at a different bank. No, they could not help me get the money into the other bank across town! However, I did not want to put that much money in my purse. They gave me a cashier's check! It was the weirdest thing I have ever encountered.

    2. that's crazy they couldn't wire or ACH it over there. Who would want to walk/drive around with that much cash on them.

  2. That is ridiculous! The limits are for protection only and when you have to make a larger transaction than usual, normally in my country we call up the bank to re-set the limit. They ask security questions to verify that it is you who is doing the transaction and after you are done, you can re-set the limits at a lower point again. The banks should not actually want you to walk into any branch because that is not efficient, that is more cost than necessary. I guess some of your banks need to catch up with the changing times.