Sunday, February 7, 2016

Weekend relaxing

Yesterday was a fairly lazy day. My dang heel hurting didn't make for much ambition to get a lot done and this morning it is not feeling any better.  Friday evening I had started watching a movie (Tomorrowland with George Clooney), but only watched about a half hour of it, before it was time for bed. I knew I could watch it On Demand, so I decided to go to bed and watch it another time. Late Saturday morning, after I had gotten out of the shower and then cleaned the kitchen I heard DH watching a movie. Turns out it was the same movie, but he had already watched most of it, so I didn't want to start watching again 3/4 of the way in to it.  Later that afternoon, while he was busy doing something I watched it, LOL. And a short nap after that.

that's really about all I did, other than pay some bills and chat with DD on the computer in the morning. Dinner was sloppy joes, so I could use up some of the hamburger buns from the week before. For lunch I used up some of the soft tortillas and made an "italian quesadilla".

Found out last night via email that the sergeant, who has basically been in charge of our neighborhood drug problem, is being transferred to another unit for a year. The great deputy we have had has also been transferred out. So, we've been passed on to a new sergeant and deputy. Most likely to just start all over with getting anything done and trying to form a relationship. We've already had contact by the deputy replacing the other one and he is very on the ball and willing to communicate with us. Hopefully the new sergeant will be too. I really didn't care for the other sergeant anyway. He had a very condescending manner to him and most of the time made us feel like we were bothering him.

I gave my old kitty's front nails a trim last night. He seems to be catching his nails easily on things lately. Probably because he doesn't spend much time outdoors anymore, to naturally keep his nails trimmed. We have always had to trim one nail on a regular basis. He has extra toes and actually has a nail that grows in between his toes and if not trimmed it grows and starts to curve into his pad. So, while I was doing that nail I trimmed the rest down a bit. He was quite cooperative, for a cat ;)

Keeping my fingers crossed, but so far DH's computer seems to be running ok. Friday evening he finally listened to me and put the security camera's on the old computer (still sitting at his desk) and to one of his monitors. Around the same time, I had called Comcast because the new set top box that says it got activated successfully, when I did it online earlier that afternoon, was still only getting channels 1-29. So I called up Comcast after dinner and customer service guy said it never got activated, so he did it from his end and all worked. DH swears that whatever he did is when his computer started acting normally while he's online. Not sure what a tv box would have to do with our internet service, but what do I know?  Friday afternoon I had emailed the IT lady, who does the IT for my side job, that I'd like her to remote in and clean his computer and see if she can figure out the problem. She called me back late yesterday, but I told her for now it seems to be working well, so let's hold off. She said it could be possible if that old set top box had a short it was interfering with the wifi signal. (plus that box was right next to our modem/router).  Anyhow, all is calm for now, at least.

Not sure what I am doing today, other than I plan to make a couple loaves of banana bread and get the house vacuumed.

Last summer I bought some clematis plants for my front arbor. They grew beautifully, but I keep walking by the now ugly vines and wondering if I was supposed to trim/prune them down? Eek! So, I just sent an email to the guy I bought them from. He has a little plant nursery business out of his front yard and I always buy plants from him. I'm sure he will email me back and give me the scoop!

My dd posted a picture of her and her BF on Facebook from a fancy date they went on last night. All's I can see is the top of a cute red sleeveless dress. She looks so beautiful! Her huge blue eyes and such a smile. I am glad she is so happy in life.

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