Saturday, February 6, 2016

New coffee

I have a Keurig that was given to me as a gift several years ago. After realizing how expensive k-cups are I bought an adapter and started using my own ground coffee. I have pretty much always bought a certain brand - the kind that comes in the little 12 oz bag. But while shopping last week and needing some more coffee, I decided that it would probably be cheaper to buy a big can of coffee. The name brands (Folgers, Maxwell House) were somewhat cheaper, but the Walmart Great Value brand was a lot cheaper. Less than half the price per oz. then what I have been buying.  I am no big coffee connoisseur. I drink one cup in the morning. This morning I tried my new cup of coffee. It does taste different, of course, but it's still coffee and tastes fine. That big can will last me quite awhile.

I also picked up a very generic roll of paper towels to try. I'm not a heavy paper towel user - mostly I just use them to line the bird cage. I had been trying Bounty Basics at about .99 a roll, but this plain generic roll (it doesn't even have Walmart's generic logo in it) was .50 and I can't tell the difference.

Our car tabs are due on my car and DD's. Her's needs an emission test this year, but her college apartment address doesn't require emissions and since she won't be moving back here after graduation, I told her I'd mail her the renewal and she could go change her address up there. I'm still paying it this one last year. But, while I was online this morning renewing my tabs I saw an option to change your address, so I did that for her address (luckily we put the car in her name last year) and then it took off the emissions requirement and let me renew it for her online. That saves her a trip to licensing office. Last time I have to pay that $56!

I went to the nearby Comcast service store yesterday. Our tv that DH uses in the family room has been having problems with shows stuttering or freezing. We have a tiny little set top box for it that we've had for years. I thought maybe it is going bad. The customer service guy said, yep that's most likely it and not our tv. Then I asked him why we can only get some of the channels we subscribe to on that tv and not all of them. Apparently the little box we have had all these years is their "$3 a month box" and only gets channels 1-100. Who knew?! So, I upgraded to the bigger box that gets all our channels. It cost $7 more a month, but should make dh happy that if he wants to watch something on a channel higher than 100 (which is very often) he can stay put and not have to go watch it in the living room.  At least I got one issue resolved (I hope - we'll see if the shows stop stuttering and freezing up).

Something is wrong with my right heel. I got up yesterday and as soon as I put my foot down it started hurting. Same problem today. I know the dog stepped on it the other night. Not even sure what night it was. I just remember being woke up as a 90lb lab stepped on my foot to jump off the bed. Most likely that is what is causing it. It really doesn't feel any better today.  I did have some plantar fasciitis a year or so ago, but that was in my arch of same foot. I did some stretching exercises for awhile and it went away. It could also be related to that, too, I suppose. Always somethin'!


  1. we use a number of own brand items. As with most things though it all begins with a trial and error. We have had some hits and misses with own brand items.

  2. I'm hit and miss with generics too. I buy generic flour, sugar, and baking stuff. A few other things here and there and I will give them a try.