Saturday, February 13, 2016


Just had my "weekly-ish" call with my mom. While she can talk on and on, she is really hard to have an actual conversation about anything with. Most things we talk about seem to be a few sentences about something and then she's moving on to the next topic. I tried to tell her the news about me being able to keep my job (which to me is HUGE news) and she was just kind of like "oh, well, let's hope she'll still feel that way when the time comes"....and then she's on to the next thing to talk about. our call I found out my (older) step sis is retiring early, this spring, and she and her hubby are moving almost to the areas we are looking at. We'll probably be about an hour and a half drive apart. Only difference is she's rich and can do whatever she wants - haha! She earned it all though. Smart lady, who's worked almost 40 years for same company, since she was 18. Her (2nd) hubby lucked out in finding her - he got disabled after they got married and easy peasy for him to not work, as she makes a boatload of money.

Today has felt like a wasted day. It's already late afternoon and I've hardly done anything it seems. I mean I did get stuff done - grocery shopped this morning, cleaned the bathroom and dusted and vacuumed, but still feels like the day is gone already. Maybe because it's so gray and rainy out. Makes the house feel gloomy when there is no sunshine coming in the windows. Even the dogs are being very sad sack and lazy today.

As I was grocery shopping this morning I realized Valentine's Day is tomorrow, so I picked up a bag of peanut M&M's for DH. We never do anything for Valentine's Day, but figured I'd get him a little treat.

My boss wasn't able to get my raise info put through to the payroll company before yesterday's payday, so it'll be another couple of weeks before I find out how much I am actually getting. Darn, I was hoping she would get it on this check, like she said she was going to try to do. I hate waiting to know stuff! LOL.

I guess I could get started on my tax return. Bleh! I hate doing taxes and since I'm probably going to owe (because of my side job) I really have no desire to get it done any time soon. At least this past year I have put away money out of each month's check for taxes, in one of my Capital One savings accounts. I'm also going to need to figure out who much I should adjust my withholdings for this year, as DD will most likely be claiming herself (assuming she gets a job upon graduating) and I won't have that deduction any longer. That's pretty much probably where whatever raise I get is going - upping my withholdings.

My annual late January/early February sinus crud I always get every year for a couple of weeks hit a bit late this year, this past Tuesday. I get really bad sinus headaches for a couple of weeks or so and then it's gone. On day 5 of it now and ready to be done with it, that's for sure.

DH has been spending the day (and probably most of the evening) back at his friends shop, still helping him get all his stuff packed and ready to move. It's good for him to keep busy and he's enjoying spending time with his friend. And I'm enjoying the "no DH" time alone at home!


  1. Finally! Someone who doesn't celebrate VD either! My husband and I stopped the whole "Hallmark Holiday" celebration long long ago! (I think we celebrated the first three or four years we were together, if that) Now that we have kiddos, we have always given each of them a little token of some sort. But no big celebrations here.

    1. Same here. Our anniversary is a few weeks before VD, so VD has really never been a big deal to us. I used to give the kids a little something when they were young, too.

  2. A lot of folks have been sick with the crud. Just getting over bronchitis. Glad you get to keep your job and that you got an increase. Happy Valentine's. Oh won't we all be glad when spring gets here? lol